Straka Barks At The Press.

Am Big and everyone knows that, Big is Big and Straka’s is Big. Things happened and I am not GOD to decide on when I have to get sick or not. This time it was bad lack that I had to get sick on my wedding day. But those useless reporters all went writing about Straka because they know Straka is Big and I can really make them Big News.  Those were Straka’s words on her late show Thursday 10th December 2009.

Straka added, Waama my fans and all those who like Ugandan music, Like Straka the wedding is going and will be there by Hook or crook.  I just had it bad this time that I fell sick but that’s fine we going to get this wedding very soon.

Straka after failure to accomplish her wedding plan when she got sick on Saturday 5th December 2009 and was admitted, Yesterday appeared on her popular TV show “The Late Show” On WBS Television. Straka was looking so fine and well taken care of, she didn’t seem to even have been sick for even a single day this week.

Despite the fact that all this happened, this time round Straka was so strong  and spent so much time barking at the press and telling his fans that those guys(The Press) have always written about Big people like Straka and they will always write. Straka’s fans who I presume didn’t attend her wedding at Namboole Stadium this time came in to call and cheer Straka up. Making statements like Straka is big and Big is Big, My friend it was fan.

Straka dedicated a Kawonawo Song by Ugandan Female superstar Grace Nakimera to all the press guys and emphasized that Straka is a Rare to find Kawonawo type of Hero.