The President needs prayers.

Toall of you out there who are tuned to, I send my regards. Through
the weekend a lot of good and bad things happened concurrently such as Chelsea
celebrating victory against Manchester united as Arsenal jubilated their score
for fun when they hammered wolveshampton four-one. Those sports stories look so
touching however my bosses around here only pay for musical articles.

the Agenze siege were Big size Bebe cool cried day and night for his princess
Zuena Kirema, another big name might also sweat plasma. News reaching our
tables reveal that the Ghetto president is in very big trouble after his dear Wife
(Barbie) learning that he has once more gotten another son in the United Kingdom.
In just a period of 5 months, Barbie has discovered that the wesotinge hero is
now fathering two young boys from the United Kingdom. Things are not moving on
smoothly for this Kamwokya couple as last week Barbie was admitted at May
Clinic wandegeya after fainting from their Gayaza home. Apparently the real
cause of her medical complications is not known even though a close and family
friend has it that Barbie’s fainting was a result of her learning of her
husband’s playerful acts.

to the above, Bobi wine personally revealed that his wife’s blacking out was as
a result of pregnancy complications. The Uganja President said that he was not
surprised by what had happened because his wife usually gets such difficulties
after 3-5months of pregnancy. Bobi also revealed that Barbie was carrying a
three months twin’s pregnancy. He went on to say that it was true that he was
the father of Simon Sentamu who stays in United Kingdom. Bobi stressed that
Barbie was not sick because of the London news because according to the Ghetto President,
Barbie is an understanding and intelligent woman who cannot separate or divorce
Bobi Wine because of young boy who happens to be their son.

also rubbished allegations that she would do what her friend (Zuena) did last year.
Barbie emphasized that she won’t separate from Bobi wine because the two have
come along way and that she would never let another woman occupy the wealth that
she and Bobi have worked for ruthlessly. In my own opinion, I believe our
Ghetto president needs more than one prayer because who knows what may be on
the front page of Hipipo tomorrow.

Wine/Barbie troubles. Baribie Sick and admitted for Bobi son issues