Chameleone at war once more.


Chameleone and Goodlife (Moses Radio and Weasle) fight at club silk After a few weeks break from conflicts and dubious ways, the heavy weight doctor is once again back in his old school fashion. Chameleone whose fighting list is endless was last Tuesday involved in a very serious and bloody direct confront with the Goodlife crew.

All this transpired at club silk and as usually our unstoppable hand was there to present to you every little beat of what actually brought this bloody and technical confrontation. According to the Goodlife, serious problems with Chameleone began last week when Chameleone punished one Frank brother to Moses Radio for disrespect.

However according to the heavy weight doctor, the charge for beating up Frank was imposed on AK47 but later twisted making Chameleone the primary suspect. On Tuesday night, the Goodlife crew visited club silk and here they met Jose chameleone.

When Moses Radio learnt about the presence of the music doctor, he (Moses) alerted the Uganda police officers to come and arrest Mr.Chameoene so that he would face the law over the charges imposed on him by the Nyanama based Goodlife crew.

When the police arrived at the scene, they immediately entered the industrial area based club silk to pick Chameleone. After a long time of negotiation Chameleone refused to accept the Police standing order. He(José Chameleone)decided to get out of the club so that he would navigate his way home.Unfortuanately Dr.Chamelo-technology was grabbed by a police office who had decided to use forceful measures to arrest him. This police officer was later joined by JEFF (once Chameleone’s manager and current manager Goodlife) and the two pulled the music doctor as if he had grabbed a phone from a street vendor.
Chameleone in his own words told these two rough guys to stop ashaming him in public because he Chameleone was a mature and married man who could not stand such humiliation.

Indeed he would not stand the way he was being tried by a mob from the Goodlife crew. As the Nyanama boys tried to embarrass José the more, one sympathize entered club silk and he alerted ISSA (head of Leone island security) that his boss was being roughed up. Immediately a well organized and mean looking squad led by Issa reached the fighting scene to rescue their longtime boss.

On their arrival, the Leone island security that would only be compared to American wrestlers taught the little Goodlife boys a lesson they will remember for along time. Forget about firebase crew beating up Big size Bebe cool, Leone island crew versus Goodlife was so threatening. The mean guys led by Issa roughed up the entire Goodlife crew. Moses Radio was beaten serious and some of the Nyanama boys decided to run for their dear lives. In a few minutes, both the Police and Goodlife crew were no more and immediately, Dr.Jose Chameleone entered is car to Seguku.
As he started his car, he realized that Moses Radio had parked infront of his car to deny him exit. Chameleone being Uganda’s heavy weight just knocked Radio his car off his way. He drove off to an unknown destination but our sources can reveal that at 4:00am,his car was seen arriving at his Seguku Manshion.Eventhough this was a dangerous battle, our critical observation shows that the Goodlife crew catalyzed the outbreak of this battle.Unfortuanately they got disreward as they were serious manhandled by the the pro-Chameleone squad.