Madonna has cancelled Slovenian Concert


Pop star Madonna has cancelled her concert in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana that was to take place on August 20th, as said by the tour organizer. “Due to unthought-of logistic difficulties, Madonna’s concert scheduled for August 20th at the Ljubljana hypodrome has been cancelled,” Live Nation, the tour organizer for Eastern Europe, said. It also not yet clear but said that concerts in Munich and Budapest, scheduled for August 18th and 22nd, would take place as earlier organized. Slovenian media reported earlier this week that the concert would be cancelled due to poor tickets sales (poor purchase turn up). This is in reference to News website 24ur who reported Thursday that only 7,000 tickets out of 63,000 had been sold for the moment. Slovenian music lovers often have to go to neighboring Italy, Austria and Croatia to see their idols as large tours often skip the small country of two million people for fear of poor ticket sales. World music industry runs to another challenge because there Is need to find a solution to this tragedy, may a better marketing plan could make a success for the concerts. Enjoy and come back again. You can also check out For Madonna lyrics in the music lyrics category of this page.