The Revolution Of Ugandan Music 4th Edition With Hope Mukasa Part 3

Hope Mukasa The Music Promoter and Business man
Hope Mukasa who was introduced to then a young man from Lubiri secondary school who was talented as an instrumentalist By the names of STEVE JEAN, who today is a certified music producer that has many people counting him as part of their success story, Steve has done tracks for most of the stars today including Juliana, Chameleone, Fred Ssebata, Michael Rose, Limit x, AY,TID of Tanzania, Halima Namakula, Blu 3 the list is endless, from the people he has trained to be producers and who Steve has made stars, but he also passed through the guidance of people like HOPE MUKASA who gave him the opportunity to exercise his skills, Steve Jean was the resident producer for Hope Mukasa’s Bava studio.
Hope Mukasa’s BAVA studio has seen so many people go through it, right from the start. Uganda hip hop ’s ambassadors Navio and the Klear Kut, were given that chance to do their first album free of charge, that saw them bring out hits like all I wanna know, superstar, Juliana and Irene, did their first album there and many more.
In the mid 90s when HOPE MUKASA felt like their was some thing missing even after bringing the best studio equipment to Uganda, Hope opened up a nite spot in the centre of the city, that he named SABRINA’s Pub I guess the name is just because of Hope’s adorable daughter Sabrina. Hope felt it was time for him to create a platform for all talented Ugandans, He started up a theme nite that no one had thought about in Uganda before, the famous KAROEKE NITES that later become a phenomenon amongst all artists both the established and upcoming, if you are one person that was able to go out in the 90s, and early 2000s, you know what am talking about, Sabrina’s Pub was the place to be if you really wanted to know who was who in the Ugandan music fraternity, and I remember from the likes of Shanks Vivie d, Ragga D, Juliana, Irene, the now the Dr himself Jose Chameleone, Bebecool, Chizzo ,Michael Chris, kucklee, Bataka under grounders, Kid Fox, Titan Takuba, Jamal to mention but a few. These karaoke shows saw a lot of talent gets exhibited at Sabrina’s Pub, and some even got free recording contracts at Hope Mukasa’s Bava studio, though to many of you, you never hear some of these stars today talk about how that was their biggest spot that gave them a platform for the world to see them, And some of the artists have gone on ahead and alleged in media that they can never hold concerts at Sabrina’s Pub because the place is so small to their names today, I would call that, people suffering from improper upbringing, am not aiming that at anyone though, but you know, it’s always bad to forget people who helped you to get to the top.
Well for HOPE MUKASA he says he feels great when he sees all these great successful artists today, because most of them were young boys and girls that always made it a date to come over at Sabrina’s Pub to perform, and he feels happy that he created that platform for most of them.
Asked how Hope Mukasa feels that he does not get the honor his due, Hope says, we live in the world, it’s God who can honour us for our work, maybe if am dead and gone then people will reflect and see my achievements and contribution to the society, then I will be honoured, he jokes as he smiles.
Though Hope Mukasa says, I have done music all my life and I love it, and now that it’s a business, I still think that, if I made it happen for most of the guys who are rocking today, I still feel there’s so much talent out there and they need exposure, that’s why after a longtime, we have decided to redo karaoke Nites again at Sabrina’s Pub.
We are the masters of this, we brought this to Kampala, Uganda and East Africa, then other people started doing it, we stepped out, and we have watched who ever has done this, and we launching it again at Sabrina’s Pub, now that the place even looks better, with a sports bar, gardens, and they have new equipment, the date when the nite is launching is 12th December 2009 and it will be graced by some of best Ugandan entertainers like NAVIO,GNL,CINDY,GRACE NAKIMERA and many more.
For HOPE MUKASA, he says as long as he has breath, there’s so much to achieve, he says currently his family children and wife, are living in the UK, where some are studying and working.
Hope Mukasa says, very soon he will signup some new talents in Uganda, and he will get to manage them.
Asked whether he thinks of doing music as in performing and recording, Hope smiles, and says, very soon, you will see me, I have a number of collections, am working on a project where I will make a collection of some of my best hits, then I will add some new songs, that’s going to be last and final as a performer and I will make that big, I know those who have heard his music, or even saw him back all can’t wait for the day, like MJ said, this is it, that will be it for the legend on the microphone, I want to live to see that day, I know even the young generation will look up to this.
Asked about his thought about the current Ugandan musicians, Hope Mukasa says, he wished the guys today could produce music that can live for ever, than always doing seasonal music, though he appreciates some present musicians who have brought some originality, and if they could be able to perform always with a band than the CDs.

Being with Hope Mukasa I found out he was very gentle, smart and straight man, who speaks out his mind, and I think he makes his friends and family very proud, Hope Mukasa is so humble despite his success. And as for We truly salute you HOPE MUKASA and appreciate your  Part 1   Previous Part2

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