Jamaican King of dancehall BEANIEMAN thrills Ugandans

The King of dancehall music lived up to his title, when he put up anexhilarating performance, after the fight for supremacy by all the Ugandan  artists atleast those who do music with a Caribbean feel who proved that they were a big force in the music industry. It was time for the man of the day, The king of dancehall came on stage at around 11.30pm dressed in a red jacket, matching pants and shoes.
The crowd knew it was the really party time, if you have watched Beanieman perform at the festivals in Jamaica, you know his tradition and he didn’t leave that while in Uganda, as he stepped on stage, Bennie man made everyone wave his hands in the air, and he was at business, performing some of his best songs like who Am I, king of dancehall, dancehall queen, dude, Gals Dem Suga, and he too sampled a few songs by the likes of Alicia keys, No one, Chaka Demus & Pliers murder she wrote & Bam bam , Bob Marley’s Turn Your Lights Down Low.
Bennie man too paid tribute to the king of Pop MJ by doing break dance moves on the Billie Jean instrumental that excited the crowd.
The highlights of the day was when Cindy joined Bennie man to do his track, Dude and Beanieman himself was thrilled by Cindy’s performance that Beanieman asked her do her own song, and when she pulled off her Ayokyayokya hit, Beanieman came in with a very good free style to it.
Blu 3’s Jackie too joined Beanieman to do better than dem, though she couldn’t pull it off like the late Natajsha, who did the original but she tried. Beanieman invited Chameleone who he talked about as his friend, and he’s the next King on the African continent in music, Bennie man said he has done a song with Chameleone, which they tried out though not for so long, Beanieman who is always known for being controversial, didn’t leave that out either in Kampala, when he put up some weird dancing strokes with gals that acted like Bennie’s backup dancers, and coming out to hit on gay people when he said, in my family, we don’t have any gay person but if you’re gay, My brother that’s not my fault,” Bennie man said as he performed his song Mi Nah Wallah, in which Bennie man says he would like to cut the throats of all gay men.
Hitting on George Bush and Bin Laden were also at the receiving end of the Jamaican’s wrath calling on the audience to say “murderer” as he sang about the pair’s warfare.
Bennie man went on to appreciate those who love Jamaican music, and confessed how he is an African though he lives in Jamaica. Bennie man closed the show when he did a rendition of Bob Marley’s REDEMPTION song that saw people sing along.
The show that was attended massively was sponsored by Pepsi and it doubled as the Crown Beverages’ Chamuka Keys Finale with three RAV4 winners presented on stage to join 17 previous winners in receiving their car log books in Uganda.
Kyadondo Rugby Grounds was the venue.
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