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Sometime in 2017, Daily Monitor published defamatory articles against HiPipo Music Awards. These articles were filled with baseless, unfounded and malicious allegations against HiPipo Music Awards.
As law abiding citizens of Uganda, HiPipo Music Awards organizing board collectively decided to sue Monitor Publications Limited – the publisher of Daily Monitor Newspaper.
After two years in court, Monitor Publications Limited acknowledged and owned up to its mistakes and suggested an out of court settlement.
HiPipo Music Awards accepted the offer, not because it covers the damages caused, but for the general good of the music industry to which we are all stakeholders.
Part of this settlement was a clarification which has been published in today’s Daily Monitor Sqoop Magazine -Friday 25th – page 24.
We respect the role of the media in the development of any sector or industry. However, while doing their work, the media must remain professional, ethical and above cheap talk.
The 9th edition of HiPipo Music Awards will officially launch on 28th October. Keep here for details.