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When I speakof football most of you out there will immediately focus your on Ronaldo, kaka
or Arsenal. This time round you are all mistaken, I mean to say that the
football video is out.

Its not a video about a football match as many of presume
but rather a music Video of a popular local single titled football. On its
first audio airwaves play football by Betty Mpologoma began winning hearts as it
not only exposed the cheating habits of city girls but also proved to many that Betty has ability.
As  the saying goes[Ayina potential]’this
lady is proving it right.

For such along time she has released hits that have
left many with no breathing space.The most popular is Teli Police which drove
many crazy.On her return from the accident she suffered a month ago when armed
robbers tried to take her dear life, Betty Mpologoma decided to Shoot a killer
Video which was to thank all those who have been with her this long.

When your
watch this new video, your first opinion about it is whether the shots were
taken from California by Hollywood  stars.
Forget about Vimbulia or Mr.Dj, football is a classic video with nice texture
and a reasonable dressing code.Betty mpologoma,I think you are on the right
track and very soon you will make it to Uganda’s female big size.