FinTech Consultancy

We execute planning, implementation and problem solving for:

  1. Fintech strategy
  2. Regtech strategy
  3. Interoperability strategy
  4. Fintech Architecture
  5. Fintech Security
  6. New Technologies for AI, Blockchain
  7. Product / Service Development with customer centric design, Testing
  8. Developing and deploying non-collateral based credit risk models
  9. Consumer protection, data privacy
  10. Retail merchant payment products with end-to-end payment digitization
  11. Agent Building and Network Management capabilities

FinTech Product Delivery and Activities

The delivery of fintech products done by our consultants is divided into several work packages which are executed as agreed with the project stakeholders.

  1. Project Kick-off: The objective of is to ensure all relevant stakeholders are on-board. The agreed scope is aligned between all stakeholders (technical/ business).
  2. Requirements Gathering Analysis: This is done with teams in the form of workshops or a series of conference calls. This activity finalizes and details the requirements that will be delivered as a Functional Specification Description (FSD) document.
  3. Environment Installation: Development Environment, Staging Environment and Production Environments
  4. User Interface Design for the Product interfaces: This activity consists the user interface design of the various interfaces of the product. This activity consists of developing the wireframes and graphic elements of the product.
  5. System Design and Review, Test Plans: This activity includes the actual system design of the product and followed up with a joint activity to review the design. The input of this stage is the FSD document, as well as the detailed interfaces for the various system to integrate with. The output of this stage is the High-Level Design (HLD) and Low- Level Design (LLD) documents.
  6. Implementation of Product/Platforms Integrations: This activity is the development and implementation of the integration with the systems and various other platforms required for the based on the agreed scope of work.
    1. Implementation of the Product use cases for merchants
    2. Implementation of the product use cases for consumers
    3. Implementation of the product use cases for merchants
    4. Implementation of the back-office web interfaces
    5. Implementation of reports
  7. SIT System Integration: This activity includes the deployment to server towards a SIT system from where integration testing can be performed.
  8. Security Review: This activity is for the security review of the product as per the security rules. This includes testing the security mechanisms implemented, code review and both manual and automated intrusion testing.
  9. End to End Functional and Non-Functional Testing: This activity involves the testing of functionality and performance of the system.
  10. User Acceptance (UAT) Test: This activity involves the acceptance of the solution based on the UAT document. This will be conducted on the staging environment. Expected outcome is the acceptance of the system/UAT sign-off.
  11. Implementation on Production Environment: This activity includes the deployment of all the deliverables into the production environment so that they can be taken into friend use test and eventually production. The implementation is used to integrate with the live production platforms. This will also include implementation of security configuration required.
  12. Exit Services: This activity comprises of all the activities that would be carried out in the event of exit from the project agreement.