Digital Impact Awards Africa

    Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA)
  • The annual research-based Digital Impact Awards Africa project celebrates and promotes the impact and excellence in products, services and innovations for Financial Inclusion.
  • We have seen several organizations adopt better digital and financial inclusion strategies having been challenged and inspired to improve as part of the awards program.
  • We aim at growing the event yearly, bringing together more stakeholders to celebrate and critic financial inclusion innovations and development.
  • Since their inception, the Digital Impact Awards Africa (DIAA) have enjoyed increasing international recognition. Today they are among the most respected and sought-after prizes bestowed.
  • Their prestige, acknowledged within Africa and rest of the world, has grown over the years because the public and digital industry recognizes the DIAA as an award based on technical achievement and because care has been taken to preserve the integrity of the DIAA.

Some of the work we do on this project.

  1. Development of the project strategy
  2. Implementation of the Strategy
    1. Stakeholder engagements and communication
    2. Design and management of program tools (.e.g websites)
    3. Design and development of project branding – fliers, brochures, backdrop banners
      and posters among others.
    4. Development of project presentations, proposals, invitation cards and tickets.
    5. Guest list management
    6. Management of International Guests travels – tickets, pick-ups and hotels.
    7. ATL and BTL Communications
    8. Conducting Nominations surveys
    9. Managing Nomination Parties
  3. Overall project and event management, include coordination of venues and
    production setup

Youth Employment

The Digital Impact Awards Africa is executed by 10 dedicated staff and over 50 contract staff in addition to extending opportunities to different stakeholders in the entertainment industry


Over the years, the project execution requires both direct and in-kind investment. Join our partner and sponsors to benefit from this one of kind event.

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