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As part of HiPipo’s financial inclusion efforts, we held a children’s financial inclusion challenge covering over 2000 pupils across different primary schools. During the challenge, the pupils received financial literacy through class lessons, debates and quizzes.

The best students got a chance to present their financial inclusion views at the Include EveryOne Summit on 20th September at Mestil Hotel, Kampala.

Some of the Primary students that made it to the finals of the Schools’ Financial Inclusion Challenge cut their cake with Africa kickboxing superstar Golola Moses.

Additionally, we held several financial inclusion interactions with women informal cross border traders at Malaba, and Busia One Stop Border Posts (OSBPs) – both bordering Uganda and Kenya.

The leadership of the informal cross border traders attended the Include EveryOne summit and were also allocated a panel slot on Financial Inclusion for Informal Cross Border Traders.

Selected Busia Women Informal Cross Border Traders during their weekly SACCO ( Savings and Credit Cooperative) meeting at Busia One Stop Border Post.

In 2020, we intend to continue with the financial inclusion drive focusing on Women, Youth and students. The planned activities include but not limited to

  1. Children Financial Inclusion debates
  2. Women and Youth Financial Inclusion Surveys
  3. Public Financial Inclusion meetings.