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Uganda, 5TH June 2018 – To mark World Environment Day today, The Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partner Coca-Cola Beverages Africa – Uganda, reaffirm its commitment to help create a world without waste. World Environment Day was founded by the United Nations Environment to promote worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. […]


Kampala, Uganda May 26th 2018; To help Uganda soccer fans get into the action of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) 2018 Final, international premium beer brand Heineken® on Saturday hosted one of the biggest most premium VVIP experience in Kampala. Over 5oo fans thronged Capital Radio Gardens in Kololo to enjoy the ultimate Heineken® […]

Uganda had Micheal Ezra. We now have Bryan White — Scattered : Closing the Gap!

Over the years, several socialites have graced Uganda. The question has always been, who is the biggest. While many have had impact, we believe that Micheal Ezra was very big but Bryan White is the biggest right now. Watch full video here.

DJs dazzle at Kings of Turntables

Our Reporter.  Last Saturday, revellers flocked one of Kampala’s most popular hangouts for the All Star Edition of the deejay musical showcase, Kings of Turntables. Hosted at The Square by Sir Aludah, the event featured some of Uganda’s finest deejays. Judging by the immense turn up, it was clear to see that the Uganda Waragi […]

2017 So Far; Politics turns around Bobi Wine’s Music Fortunes.

Solo Dre. At the start of 2017, many critics and fans alike had observed that Bobi Wine’s relevancy in the music industry was steadily declining. This argument was based on the fact that since 2014, Bobi Wine’s investment in music had continuously reduced, reaching a record low in 2016. In that year, Bobi Wine was […]

2017 So Far; Navio, Stand Up to be counted!

Solo Dre. Njogereza and Tumunonye saw Navio revolve. The former is according to many his biggest main stream song – a song that was loved by people from all walks of life. He followed it up with Tumunonye also in the same style. This too was about to catch fire, but never… Midway, it stagnated […]

2017 So Far: Sheebah is doing well though burdened by her own 2015/2016 success.

Solo Dre. 2015 and 2016 were extra-ordinary years for Sheebah Karungi. She rocked, with 2016 being her climax so far. Many pundits argued that Sheebah had over achieved, perhaps overdone herself. Many were of a view that she may never reach the heights she enjoyed in 2016. But her management and fans alike counter-reasoned that […]

2017 So Far: Is the Dancehall General Ziza Bafana on a Sabbatical Leave?

Solo Dre. Dancehall General Ziza Bafana is extremely talented. In the last four years, he has been the number one dancehall artiste in Uganda and across East Africa. But in 2017, he is yet to show his true dancehall colors. Minus the several Africell Adverts he features in plus his mega push for the Grammy […]

2017 So Far; Eddy Kenzo is everywhere and nowhere!

Solo Dre. Nze Mutuufu and Jubilation are some of Eddy Kenzo’s best songs for 2017 so far. His Biology album is already out and trading on international platforms like ITunes. Plus, we continuously get updates off his Social Media accounts notifying us about his trips and music tours in different parts of the world. Sometimes, […]

2017 So Far; Is Bebe Cool almost there but not there yet?

Solo Dre. Bebe Cool! Bebe Cool! Bebe Cool! Bebe Cool this, Bebe Cool that. Bebe Cool here, Bebe Cool there. Bebe Cool new song every month. Bebe Cool new song every two months. Bebe Cool Artiste of the Decade as voted for by the people in the prestigious 2017 HiPipo Music Awards. Bebe Cool owns […]