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Big Size by Bebe Cool is Number 1; Top Five Videos on People Awards Charts Week 49

Going back home by Rachel K has slid down from the first position it held last week to second spot. Going back home video was released two weeks back. Here is the full list of the top….

Top 5 Ugandan Videos On The People Awards Charts Week 36; Tolaba Balala By Samalie Matovu Is Number 1

Samalie Matovu’s new video “Tolaba Balala” is Number 1 on The People Awards Charts. Tolaba Balala was produced by Abex Media and was officially released at the start of last week.

Top 5 Videos On People Awards Charts Week 40; Olina Omubeezi By City Rock Entertainment Is Number 1

Rock City Entertainment’s Olina Omubeezi video is presently number 1 on the People Awards Charts week 40. For the first time in the history of these extremely competitive video charts,

People Awards Video Charts Week 44; Whistle by Locomotive All Stars is Number 1

Barely 4 days since this video got on HIpipo.com; Whistle is already topping the people awards charts. This new video from the Locomotive All stars has had a very warm welcome by hipipo.com fans and subscribers