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After all had been said and somuch promised, yesterday was the real day for H.E Bobi Wine’s Carolina
Namusanga Ndeeba album launch. As people entered the Africana Gates the main
question that was in their minds was who was the real Carolina and by the time
the show was summed up, at least many had the answers they wanted.

By 7:00 when our crew arrived at
hotel Africana, masses and masses of people had already captured their places
in the people’s space. In just one more hour, the entire hotel Africana
people’s space was full to capacity, and the only question that stayed in our
minds was whether Ugandans are broke as they usually say  because this was a V.I.P show which costed 20,000
to semi VIPs and a wholly sum 50,000 to the real VIPs. The show that was
organized by Kibo Uganda limited was kicked off at 7; 30pm with the likes of
gentle king, Sarah shortie, super charger and Rachael k.

The real fire started blazing by
9:00 with the likes of Kabaya, Thunder man, Tutuman, Killer, Banjoman, Mickie
wine, eddy Kenzo and Eddy yawe entertaining their guests to maximum. The Bobi
wine family proved its true talent when Eddy Yawe who sang with Afrigo band
pulled a super live concert for his young brother Bobi Wine. The other notable
artists who performed before Bobi Wine took the stage were Maddox
Ssematimba,Iryn Namubiru,Dj Michael, General Mega Dee, Afrigo Band, Desire
Luzinda.The Ngoni,Nubian Li,Casanova , Henry Chogm(sorry I meant Tigan)and the
big man himself Navio.During these performances , the corporate companies which
made the show a success were given interludes for advertising. These included
Club beer (main sponsor), events ware house, Capital FM, beat f.m, UBC television
and radio, Housing Finance bank and Coca cola.

The real start and indeed the Climax
of the Carolina show came at 11:35, when the Mc of the day finally welcomed
The President of the Republic of Uganja onto the stage. Amidst wild and lovely cheers,
the Ghetto president who was dressed in a black security guards uniform with
the word”Ghetto” written on to its back stepped on stage bouncing as usually.
Unlike the late days were he usually steps on to stage in the company of his
entire cabinet, yesterday was a different day and indeed a day of history as
Bobi Wine only bounced on stage together with his two young but promising
talents in the names of Casanova (super lover lover) and the first son of the
republic of ujanga (Solomon Kampala) who joined him as soon as the father
started singing. Kampala together with his dear father bobi Wine pulled out new
and advanced dancing styles that left the all audience wondering about which dancing
school Kampala goes to. Bobi Wine who looked so happy but humbled immediately
started a non stop action with popular hits such as Badman from Kamwokya with
the legend himself Navio, Aneganye with Henry Tigan. He later presented songs
like Adam and Haawa,ghetto,abulungi Balumya,promise,Wesotinge.Ayagala Muras,Wendi,Mazzi
Mawanvu,akagoma,singa,Ekiloto e.t.c.During all these live performances Bobi
Wine showed competence has continuously took on afree style presentation to
show his fans what he is actually made of.As he sang he continuously gave
different messages to different categories of people.

Bobi who looked so sob yesterday
as usual went controversial when he first thanked all the leaders for the good
things they have done but later condemned them for failing the Ghetto people
yet according to his research 85% of Ugandans live In Ghettos. His condemnation
mainly fell in to the ears Of Mayor Ssebagala seeya, Chairman Kalungi and
Chairman Nyakaana who were all seated in the audience.As he advised the
leaders, the audience continuously mentioned the name of Seeya accusing him of
promising and failing to deliver. Bobi Wine with his edutainment style of
presentation later on turned into a pastor and he decided to pray for the dear
country Uganda. This was after him singing his controversial but superb song
“Ekiloto” were he dreams of seeing Mubajje and Kayongo reconciling,H.E Museveni
and Besiegye also coming to understanding terms and he also dreams of
reconciling with his popular enemy Bebe cool. When he began praying, the crowd
turned wild as he showed classic versions of praying and indeed you would not
get a difference between him and Pastor Ben Hinn.He later left the stage for a
break before he would finally step up for the final presentation. During this
short interval, Barbie also got a chance to perform live on stage. She together
with other well dressed Ankole girls presented two traditional songs.

real climax reached when Bobi Wine returned on stage well dressed in a
traditional wear. He together with the traditional performers finally launched
the Carolina album. However the concert ended pre mature when it clocked
1:30a.m.The venue management threatened to close the gates and thus Bobi Wine
who looked unconvinced performed his last Hit titled Carolina. During this
extra ordinary performance, the question of the day was finally answered. All
of us who attended came out of the gates knowing who the real Carolina was
basing on the clue the president gave on that very matter. Among  the top names that attended the concert were
Hajji Seeya Ssebagala,Chairman Nyakana and Kalungi plus a group from the
Buganda kingdom led by Prince Junju and Owek.Kabuzamukasa.To all those who attended,
all their money was utilized efficiently and none left the show complaining