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Multi Award winning Diva, Grace Nakimera will always be a house hold name in Uganda’s music ecosystem, all thanks to her good songs like Anfuukula, Kawonawo, Nvawo nawe, Sexy, among others.

But despite her vocal power and a successful music career, the singer suddenly went off the scene. Until she resurfaced recently after a three year hiatus with a gospel song.

Her return saw her sit down with NBS’s Karitas Karisimbi where she opened up about what forced her into a musical break.

Candidly and emotionally, the singer revealed how she was bewitched, something that almost took her life.

“I remember I did a show at Kyadondo. We had almost 10,000 people and it was a big event. Radio and Weasel also had a show at Hotel Africana. I did some music after that, but then thing started going a certain way that’s a bit scary even to talk about. My last song was Twala byange were I featured David Lutalo, and that’s when I took a break because things had seriously started to go south,” she said.

The singer claimed that she got something called a ‘spiritual attack’, and couldn’t move her body, talk, or even lift a finger.

“I later became paralyzed, and when I was taken to hospital, doctors could find any problem or sickness in my body,” she said.

Nakimera claimed that it’s only by God’s grace that she is still alive, because the condition she has been going through is the worst that one can wish on someone else.

And after that ordeal, Nakimera has made are return in the music industry as a gospel artiste. So far, she has released one video ‘Anvirideyo’ out of the three gospel songs that are already out.