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After an extended holiday from A Ka Dope Fridays, the event returns this Friday, 3rd November in what has been named “A Ka Dope Comeback”.
To switch things up, the event will relocate to Design Hub in Industrial Area. This edition will feature performances by Bero Music, Clim, Sheba, Kongoloko, Michael Ross (comeback star), Masha David, Farouq & Lujang and MalX & Suspekt.
These names might be new to you but such is the nature of A Ka Dope. The event was born out of the need to give less conventional, undiscovered Ugandan artists a platform to showcase their talent.
This year, the event has scaled to even greater heights, with a new lease of life by Uganda Waragi. On top of the energetic and dynamic music performances, it has seen an addition of an urban party nightlife experience with the Uganda Waragi cocktails immersion.
If you are a music and arts enthusiast looking to spend your Friday night enjoying good music and sipping on a UG cocktail, then this one is for you. Gates open as early as 7a.m. Tickets cost just 20k at Design Hub, Definition and Easy Ticket.