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Include Everyone program is a collection of six related digital & financial inclusion outreach projects including HACKATHON, SUMMIT, AWARDS, WOMEN and CHILDREN FINANCIAL INCLUSION CHALLENGES, in addition to PRODUCTS PROOF OF CONCEPT.

The projects are managed in a synchronized way to obtain maximum impact by ensuring that we engage all financial inclusion stakeholders such as the youth, women, services providers, Fintechs, policy makers, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations to effectively promote approaches that will enable financial inclusion for everyone.

We believe that an economy that includes everyone benefits everyone. As such, we sensitize stakeholders to bring financial services to the poor, women and youth by making use of innovative business models, and mobile technology.

We also believe that successful and impactful financial inclusion efforts must be well positioned, promoted, marketed, distributed, and critiqued as well as celebrated and awarded where possible.

Include EveryOne Summit.

The 2019 Include EveryOne summit registered massive success. It was attended by over 300 digital, financial and trade leaders from across Africa.

It had exciting, insightful and well researched panel discussions and key note speeches on digital and financial inclusion.

The Include EveryOne summit received extra-ordinary coverage from across media including live TV.

Hack Mojaloop Hackathon.

From 18th to 20th September, HiPipo supported by ModusBox and Crosslake Tech hosted the #HackMojaloop Hackathon at Design Hub, Kampala.

Five teams of 3 members each took part in the Hackathon and were able to work on problem statements and solution designs; with Mojaloop open source software at the center of the works.

There was excellent facilitation from ModusBox and Crosslake Tech. A complete hackathon report was shared with partners, while follow up on the created solutions is underway.

Women and Children’s Financial Inclusion Challenge.

As part of HiPipo’s financial inclusion efforts, we held a children’s financial inclusion challenge covering over 2000 pupils across different primary schools. During the challenge, the pupils received financial literacy through class lessons, debates and quizzes.

The best students got a chance to present their financial inclusion views at the Include EveryOne Summit on 20th September at Mestil Hotel, Kampala.

Additionally, we held several financial inclusion interactions with women informal cross border traders at Malaba, and Busia One Stop Border Posts (OSBPs) – both bordering Uganda and Kenya.

The leadership of the informal cross border traders attended the Include EveryOne summit and were also allocated a panel slot on Financial Inclusion for Informal Cross Border Traders.

Digital Impact Awards Africa.

The 2019 Digital Impact Awards Africa was final part of the half day Include EveryOne Summit held on 20th September at Mestil Hotel Kampala.

The annual research-based awards celebrate and promote the impact and excellence in products, services and innovations for Digital and Financial Inclusion.

32 companies attended the awards and received matchless publicity across multi-media platforms including live TV coverage.

While 2019 was Include EveryOne program’s best year so far, 2020 will be bigger!