2017 So Far; Politics turns around Bobi Wine’s Music Fortunes.

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Solo Dre.
At the start of 2017, many critics and fans alike had observed that Bobi Wine’s relevancy in the music industry was steadily declining.
This argument was based on the fact that since 2014, Bobi Wine’s investment in music had continuously reduced, reaching a record low in 2016. In that year, Bobi Wine was largely a political activist, whose intentions to join active politics were written in black and white for all to see.
However, even though, the majority knew that Bobi Wine was joining active politics, very few if any knew that it was going to happen soon. Most followers believed that he was to contest for an elective seat in 2021. They were all very wrong as Bobi Wine surprised them by joining elective politics in 2017. In an election held on Thursday, June 28, Bobi Wine, real names Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu was elected the Member of Parliament for Kyandondo East. This political seat has since turned around even his music fortunes.

Bobi Wine at one of his rallies for the 2017 Kyadondo East By-Elections.

Firstly, Bobi Wine has for the last four months been receiving free power play with most media houses supporting his candidature playing his songs to keep the campaigning vibe going. Secondly, after his victory, the media continues to cover him as he is more newsworthy even away from the microphone.
But that is not all. His bookings have continued to increase each passing week. For everywhere he is performing lately, he makes a majestic entry including stop overs to great his fans and followers. He also continues to hold road side shows and later in the night performs for the music lovers.
In all, he is very marketable right now. He may not be having very good music, but he has played his cards very well.

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