2017 So Far: Sheebah is doing well though burdened by her own 2015/2016 success.

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Solo Dre.
2015 and 2016 were extra-ordinary years for Sheebah Karungi. She rocked, with 2016 being her climax so far. Many pundits argued that Sheebah had over achieved, perhaps overdone herself. Many were of a view that she may never reach the heights she enjoyed in 2016.
But her management and fans alike counter-reasoned that 2017 was actually going to be a bigger year for the Diva, also winner of the HiPipo Music Awards 2017 Artiste of the Year Award held at the end of January 2017.
However, reality is, Sheebah is yet to show any signs in 2017 that she can reach her 2016 performance.
The fact is; Sheebah is doing well in 2017; with several singles and collaborations doing in circulation. Some of her videos are such a joy to watch.
Having said that; it is also important to note that her 2016 performance set standards and odds so high for her. Unless, she outshines her own 2016 success, many may conclude that she is declining.
Like one wise woman once said; “Attaining the top spot is easy. The problem is with maintaining and consolidating the top spot.” Sheebah moved to the top. Can she maintain her spot? We can only watch!

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