2017 So Far; Eddy Kenzo is everywhere and nowhere!

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Solo Dre.
Nze Mutuufu and Jubilation are some of Eddy Kenzo’s best songs for 2017 so far. His Biology album is already out and trading on international platforms like ITunes. Plus, we continuously get updates off his Social Media accounts notifying us about his trips and music tours in different parts of the world. Sometimes, we get to watch short videos of him performing at those gigs. Basically, his 2017 is summarized by that.
Back home, his strength continues to decline thanks to him paying little attention to the Ugandan market at the expense of the West Africa audience. Insiders in Eddy Kenzo’s camp confirm that Dada Boss has more eyes on west and central Africa not Uganda. Because of this, he has continued to invest very little in his music circulation here.
I understand that he plans to hold a series of concerts in Uganda later this year. If this is true, then, Eddy Kenzo needs to give his Ugandan audience much more attention.
In a wrap, I can only remind Eddy Kenzo that a clever man once said that; “East or West, home is the best.”

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