Jackie Kizito; Last Person Standing or just in form Kadongo Kamu Artiste?

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Solo Dre.
Kadongo Kamu, a sub-genre in the wider Folk music genre is the oldest and indigenous kind of music enjoyed by Ugandans mainly those that originate from the central region, popularly known as Buganda Kingdom.
Over the years, there have been several extra-ordinarily talented Kadongo Kamu artistes. In the last 20 years, the most popular have been Late Herman Bassudde, Late Prince Paul Job Kafeero, Late Livingstone Kasozi, Fred Ssebatta, Matiya Luyima, Fred Ssebale, and Gerald Kiweewa plus a few others. Out of this category, there has also been Mathias Walukaga.  He is one artiste that has worked very hard to achieve as much and leave a mark on the industry. He is very popular and some of his songs (Bakoowu, Tulepuke, and Namboole among others) are massive hits across Uganda. Having said that, his critics, many times reason that even amidst his country appeal, he is not a pure Kadongo Kamu artiste. To them, they view him as an afro beat-folk artiste. That is just opinion. Truth is, he has earned a name.
However, in the past three years, there has been a decline in Kadongo Kamu music. This can be attributed to several factors. That said, this decline has not affected one artiste. That musician is Jackie Kizito.
From 2015 to date, Jackie Kizito has seen her career grow. She has developed from another Kadongo Kamu artiste to a sell-out Kadongo Kamu artiste, owning both a fully-fledged band and events’ company – Mwagala Production and Events.
Her story continue to surprise friends and enemies alike. In 2016, her Mayumba Kumi single was the biggest in her genre and among Uganda’s top 10 songs of the same year.  She is now standing out in the Folk, Kadongo Kamu, and Band sub categories. After winning the prestigious 2017 HiPipo Music Award for the best Folk song – Mayumba Kumi at the end of January, Jackie Kizito has never looked back. She followed up her award victory with extra-ordinarily successful Mayumba Kumi concerts held in more than twenty locations. Wherever Jackie and her band have performed, they have been a success. Currently, together with her Mwagala Band and Events team, she has embarked on Mayumba Kumi country tour, starting with Southern, South West and Western Uganda.
This all is happening while the rest of the Kadongo Kamu artistes are doing more strategy and planning for the future. She is currently the last person standing. At least for the moment!

Jackie Kizito at Mayumba Kumi Concert.

But who is Jackie Kizito?
Born on 12th June 1983 in Kitintale, Kampala, Jackie Kizito comes from a family of six siblings altogether. Her father is alive while her mother passed away. She studied and completed senior four.
In 2009, she launched a solo music career with her address being Mukono district. After four years of solo music and minimal success, she started Mwagala Production and Events with headquarters in Mukono still. Since then, she has not looked back; outing more music and growing her band and events company. Today, Mwagala Production and Events has more than 20 permanent staff.
Together with the Mwagala team, Jackie Kizito produces and manages all her events.
To date, she has two albums. Ani Ampima that was launched in 2015 and Mayumba Kumi which was launched earlier this year.
She is married and with three kids – two girls and a boy.
He most popular songs are; Mayumba Kumi, Tebasima, Side Dish, Plan B, Emiswaswangule, Kyabbeeyi, Tugabane and Ani Ampima.
Jackie Kizito dreams of becoming an artiste recognized at national, continental and global level.

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