Keri Hilson's "L.I.A.R." Getting Closer

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Keri Hilson is a unique artist in that she seems to stay in the public eye even when she’s really not releasing much of her own music. This is true in part because of guest appearances she makes, like on Akon’s “Oh Africa,” which we posted last summer when it was released. It’s also because she’s one of those figures that the hip-hop and R&B community always seems to want more from, and because until recently, Hilson was involved in a high profile celebrity relationship.
She spoke about this relationship, and what it meant for her personally, in one of her more recent major interviews, a promo for the movie Almost Christmas that she did toward the end of 2016. Hilson clarified that she wasn’t in it for status, and had actually previously had a rule about “no rappers, no actors and no ball players” in her dating life. She says she broke the rule because she felt she’d found someone different, and in other interviews she’s indicated that things wound up ending amicably. At least, she’s thanked her former partner for teaching her a thing or two about how she views love and relationships.
The partner in question, incidentally, was Serge Ibaka, a Congo-born NBA player who was a member of the Orlando Magic at the time of the breakup. More recently he’s jumped into a larger spotlight, which could be more difficult for Hilson. In the NBA playoffs that are currently underway, the Cleveland Cavaliers are viewed as the team with the best shot of upsetting the favorite Golden State Warriors. But many believe that the Toronto Raptors could knock off the Cavaliers, largely because of their recent acquisition of Ibaka. In other words, Hilson may soon be watching her ex becoming a postseason NBA hero. It would be an interesting dynamic given how much she’s talked about the nature of love and relationships lately.
Hilson’s evolving relationship with love even seems to have defined the new album that appears to be getting closer to release. It’s called “L.I.A.R.” which stands for “Love Is A Religion,” and Hilson has already spoken on the similarities between the two. She describes the leap of faith required to truly love someone as being similar to that required of religion. There’s some wisdom to that notion, though the acronym suggests some more bitter underlying feelings.
That implied bitterness will make this album’s release pretty juicy for those who like celebrity relationship gossip. If Ibaka plays a key role in the NBA’s postseason and “L.I.A.R.” drops this summer, it might almost be seen as a kind of comeback. Ibaka and relationships aside, we’re all just ready for more original music from Hilson. She hasn’t announced a date for it yet, but she has confirmed that it’s in the works and has been for a while.
Let’s hope it’s soon.

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