Konkona Muti by Fattah, Dickson Effekt, Jayman and TPaul; The Kind of Hit That Will Make You Dance In Tongues.


HiPipo Reporter.
The future of the Ugandan music industry rests in the hands of fresh talent and nothing is more refreshing than landing on young musicians with as much talent and potential as Fattah Lilliana, Dickson Effekt, Jayman and T-Paul. These four have recently combined efforts to release an electrifying Dance hall hit that should rip dance floors apart.
Co-written by the artists themselves and produced by Henry Kiwuuwa; Konkona Muti benefits from the strength of track, which is captivating, varied and rich.  It is devoid of monotony, a thing that gives it more entertainment value. At every point, the producer ensured that ear had something different to “look” forward to. That kind of variety is the very quality that makes it worth dancing to.
The lyrics are simple and easy to grasp, with a hook and chorus that make the song easy to sing off head. The lyrics also settle well with the melody and track and given that each of the four artists had unique vocal abilities, they soak the song in a wealthy variety. Fattah’s silky vocals are mingled with a little hoarseness here and a little masculinity there and that marks probably the strongest point of Konkona Muti – variety.
Fattah Lilliana is a fast rising and versatile Female Artiste based in Uganda and not signed to any Record Label. She finds comfort in doing RnB, Afropop, and Ragga-dancehall though can do any other music genre if need be. Her first professional recording was Onjogeza in 2015. It was written by Andre, audio produced by Clyde Pro – Blitz Studio and video directed by 1488 Nico Jah of Superstar Films.

Fattah Ft. Dickson Effekt, Jayman and T Paul - Konkona Muti
Fattah Ft. Dickson Effekt, Jayman and T Paul – Konkona Muti Produced by Legendary Henry Kiwuuwa

Fast forward, Fattah released a new single titled Oli Star written by King Saha. Produced by Clyde Pro, Oli Star is the next biggest song. Additionally, this aspiring Diva is a gifted dancer, a talent that compliments her music. Away from music, Lilliana Fattah is a Law student in her second year at Kampala International University (Information valid as of 2016).
On the other hand, Dickson Effekt is an Afro-beat Ragga artiste based in Uganda. His songs include Oliwa, Jigi Jigi and Musisi among others.
Jayman $ TPaul is a music duo of fresh young and talented men with a strong passion for music. Born Nsamba John (Jayman) and Tusubira Paul (T Paul); the two are determined to make a mark and earn their name in the music industry. Jayman & T Paul songs include Wewawo, Okwagala, Ole, Knocking and Osobola.
With Konkona Muti, these young artists have found themselves a perfect key to the next level in their music trade.