Winners are over the Moon!  Excitement Continues in All Corners of East Africa As Top Artists Celebrate Their Prestigious HiPipo Music Awards 2017 Victory

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Held at the Kampala Serena Hotel on Saturday 04th February 2017, the fifth edition of the prestigious HiPipo Music Awards (#HMA2017) was Sui Generis in every aspect, right from the quality of the event to regional (East Africa) character. The 5th prestigious HiPipo Music Awards will be memorable for many years! The HMA2017 will be remembered, and pretty vividly at that!   In fact, it’s hard to recall an award show of recent years that managed such a convergence of stunning performances, special award winners plus soul touching acceptance speeches — the three biggest factors in making the #HMA2017 a night to remember. The event was punctuated with pomp and glitz as well as performances from some of East Africa’s very best. The excitement still vibrates in every corner of the region as top artists continue to thank their fans and teams for their victory.

Dar es Salaam

Diamond Platnumz, one of Africa’s very best couldn’t hold his elation and immediately thanked his fans for his well-earned awards in the categories of “Quinquennial Africa Music Vanguard Award” and “East Africa Best Video”! It must be noted that Platnumz has won the hearts of many in Africa and world over with his quality videos and sweet music, a thing that is reflected in the following he has world over, top notch performance deals, YouTube views and his tangible progress. (Find Diamond Platnumz Thanks Message Here)
The Quinquennial Africa Music Vanguard Award (2012/2016) celebrates the artists that have created some of the most acclaimed songs and videos in Africa over the last 5 years.  Diamond Platnumz  songs and videos have greatly influenced and inspired creative works and pop culture across Africa over the last 5 years (i.e between 2012 and 2016).

Diamond Platnumz Thanks Fans #HMA2017
Diamond Platnumz Thanks Fans #HMA2017

Also from Tanzania was the duo of Navy Kenzo, who in addition to winning the award for “East Africa Best New Act” were in attendance at the gala night and also performed. They have also since thanked their fans for the love.


Sautisol, Africa’s very best group were also in a jubilant mood moments after winning two awards in the categories of “Song of the Year Kenya” and “East Africa Supper Hit”! They couldn’t help but flaunt their merited success as well as to their supporters in Kenya and East Africa in general, for making their success possible. Sautisol have in the recent past made their prowess known with quality music and videos and their victory was indeed a reflection of their hard work. (Find SautiSol Thanks Message Here)

SautiSol Thanks Fans #HMA2017
SautiSol Thanks Fans #HMA2017


Rwanda’s duo of Charly and Nina also join the list of HMA2017 winners who have thanked their fans! Their celebration was visible even at Serena as they received the award of “Song of the Year Rwanda” and it is little wonder that they have since extended gratitude to the their fans. These two have also been on a steady move to the top with good music, videos and strategic collaborations with other artists in the region.


Back home, Wonder Girl, Artist of the Year: Sheebah, has thanked her fans over and over again for her HMA success. Sheebah carried home the awards for Artist of the Year, Best Female Artist, Video of the Year and best Afrobeat Song after a very wonderful year! Sheebah Karungi the Artist of the Year 2016/2017 has delivered hit after hit over the last 5 years including songs such as Twesana, Ice Cream, Go Down Low, Farmer Remix, Wadawa, Nkwatako, Ndiwanjawulo, Nipe Yote among many others.  In 2016 Sheebah was exceptionally consistent and worked extra hard to deliver musically!
Sheebah Thanks Fans
Bebe Cool couldn’t thank God, his fans and team enough for the success. The Music Icon of the decade (2006-2016) (a.k.a Artist of the Decade) was well deservingly awarded for a great decade of hard work, quality music, dominance, continental achievements and awards won over the years.  (Find Bebe Cool Thanks Message Here)
The Music Icon of the Decade Award (2006/2016) celebrates Ugandan musician whose works (songs/videos) and consistent musical performances have been lead inspiration for the music industry between the year 2006 and 2016. The winner Bebe Cool has strutted, has rocked and grooved on the charts all a decade; Bebe Cool also won awards in the categories of Best Male Artist, Song of the Year and Best Reggae Song.
Bebe Cool Thanks Fans
More winners have since taken to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp Groups) to thanks their fans. These include Bebe Cool, Canaan Gents, Ceaserous, Dj Slick Stuart & Dj Roja, Geosteady, Jackie Kizito, John Kay, KizAza, Madina Nalwanga, Maro, Mary Bata, Navio, Navy Kenzo, Nessim, NG Filmz UG (Dir. Nolton), Pine Avenue5, Roden Y, Sammy Kasule, Sauti Sol , Sheebah Karungi, Swahaba Kasumba, Waka Stars, Ziza Bafana, Diamond Platnumz. Check out on these artists social media channels for their thank you messages!
Ceaserous Thanks Fans
At HiPipo, we send out our Congratulations to all the winners and NOMINEES at the 5th Prestigious HiPipo Music Awards.

Special Thanks!!!

For a project and event well executed, special thanks to HiPipo Team and our partners; Global Networks Limited, Payway, BBS Terefayina, Ssuubi FM, Owaraga Still & Motion, Metro FM, Decent Africa and Fenon Events.
Kudos to the teams of Ziwuuna Band, Sosolya Undugu Dance Academy, Waka Stars, Brinte Media, Tonito Exquisite Logistics, Flash Entertainment Uganda, BigEye, The Investigator, Koncepts & Sakyas, Showbiz Uganda and Mwagala Events.
As we continue to celebrate the 5th prestigious HiPipo Music Awards, we are very grateful to the following gallant Ugandans whose contribution has made the prestigious HiPipo Music Awards happen with bigger success every other year.

  1. Hon. David Karubanga; Minister of State for Public Service and MP Kigorobya County, Hoima
  2. Dr. Frederick Wamala
  3. Prof. Maggie Kigozi
  4. Mr. Kisitu Augustine; Head E-Banking at Post Bank
  5. Counsel Mike Baingana

Special thanks to these individuals who supported different HMA 2017 coordination activities: Steve Jean, VJ Mark Mugwanya, Emmanuel Owaraga,  Vianney Kushaba, Herbert Shonga, Steven Kimuli, Ashburg Kato, Brian Tebukozza, George Kasakya, Ntulume Nicholas alias DJ Nick,    Paddy Anti Kale, George Sekanjako, Joseph Washington, Lule Solomon and Tonny Nsamba.

Special Kudos!!!

Special Kudos and Thanks to all Music Industry Stakeholders that have been part of HMA 2017: This includes and is not limited to Artists, Performing Musicians, Audio/Video Producers, Sound Engineers, Artist Managers, Events Promoters and Managers, Entertainment Media, DJs, General Public Music Consumers and Fans!!!


Full List of Winners.

1.       Best Hip Hop Song: Sala Puleesa by Mun G
2.       Best Global Act:   Michael Kiwanuka
3.       Song of the Year South Sudan: Sambala by MB Law and Rhapsody Ft Radio & Weasel
4.       Must Watch Talent:  KizAza
5.       Commended A-Cappella Group: Canaan Gents
6.       Best Regional Song: Ninkwesiga by Ray G Rhiganz
7.       Best Audio Producer: Nessim
8.       Best Video Producer: NG Filmz UG (Dr. Nolton)
9.       Best DJ: Dj Slick Stuart & Dj Roja
10.   Best Song Writer: John Kay
11.   Best  ZOUK Song: Same Way by Geosteady And Lydia Jazmine
12.   Song of the Year Rwanda: Indoro by Charly & Nina Feat Big Fizzo
13.   Video Trailblazer Award: Waka Stars
14.   Entertainment Showpiece Act of 2016: Madina Nalwanga
15.   Quinquennial Africa Music Vanguard Award: Diamond Platnumz
16.    Best  R&B Song: Addicted by Maro Ft Iryn Namubiru
17.    Best RELIGIUS Song: Omusiibi by Swahaba Kasumba
18.   Song of the Year Tanzania: Aje by Alikiba
19.   Best Music Group: Pine Avenue5
20.   Life Time Achievement Award: Sammy Kasule
21.   Best RAGGA-DANCEHALL Song: Tuli Majje by Ziza Bafana
22.   Best AFROBEAT Song: Nkwatako by Sheebah Karungi
23.   Best REGGAE Song: African Gal by Bebe Cool
24.   Song of the Year Kenya: Unconditionally Bae by Sauti Sol and Alikiba
25.   East Africa Super Hit: Unconditional Bae by Sauti Sol Ft Alikiba
26.   East Africa Best New Act: Navy Kenzo
27.   Best  BAND Song: Sembera by Mary Bata
28.   Best  Folk Song: Mayumba Kumi by Jackie Kizito
29.   Best AFROPOP Song: Dangerous by Ceaserous
30.   East Africa Best Video: Salome by Diamond Platnumz ft. Rayvanny
31.    Best Breakthrough Artist: Roden Y
32.   Video of the Year: Kisasi Kimu by Sheebah Karungi (Video director Sasha Vybs)
33.   Song of the Year: Kabulengane by Bebe Cool
34.   Album of the Year: The Chosen Album by Navio
35.   Best Male Artist: Bebe Cool
36.   Best Female Artist: Sheebah Karungi
37.   Music Icon of the Decade: Bebe Cool
38.   Artist of the Year: Sheebah Karungi


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