Five Reasons why you must attend David Lutalo’s Onsaanuula Album Launch.


HiPipo Reporter.
The 2017 Album Launches and Concerts calendar kicks off now. For the past three years, David Lutalo has been organizing his album launches in the last week of January. 2017 is not different. Come 27th January, David Lutalo will be holding his Onsaanuula Album Launch at Hotel Africana. Follow up concerts will be held on 28th and 29th January at Satelite Beach Mukono and Kavumba Recreation Centre, Wakiso respectively.
HiPipo Team will surely attend these concerts.
Here are five reasons why you too must attend.
David Lutalo had a good 2016. It started with his successful Manya Album Launch. He then went on to win the prestigious HiPipo Music Awards Best Male and Artiste of the year accolades.  That was not all, he also worked harder and released several good songs including Sabulula, Onsaanuula and Kwaasa. Plus, his collaborations with other artistes were mega. These include Baveeko with Victor Kamenyo, Twala Byange with Grace Nakimera and Money with Gravity among others. Surely, he did well in 2016 and you must support him as he kicks off 2017.

David Lutalo receives Awards for HiPipo Music Awards Artiste of the Year 2016.
David Lutalo receives Awards for HiPipo Music Awards Artiste of the Year 2016.

Onsaanuula Album Launch is the first on the 2017 local music calendar. It is the first album launch and major artiste concert for 2017. We need to kick off the year at high. To do this, you have to be at Hotel Africana.
January is hot, dry and hard! It should be closed on a high- you have to make it rain at the end. As we say good-bye, perhaps ‘bad-bye’ to January, it is important that we celebrate. January is already very hard. But, by 27th, most of you will have got your salaries and other month end payments. It doesn’t hurt to spend UGX 20,000 or UGX 50,000 on David Lutalo so long as you reserve another UGX 50,000 for a ticket for the prestigious HiPipo Music Awards slated for 4th February at Kampala Serena Hotel.
David Lutalo is doing intense, high notch and professional rehearsals. This is a concert where you should expect a great performance. First, most of David Lutalo’s songs are popular hits. From Kapapala to Manya to Kwaasa. But that is not the point. Together with Da Hares team, the Ujuwe star is doing serious and passionate rehearsals so that he can give a performance to remember. You surely need to be a witness to this.
Lastly, attending David Lutalo’s concert will be a clear sign of patriotism. To develop our country and region, we must consume our products and services. Our people must come first. David Lutalo is one of our very own. We surely have to support him by attending his album launch.
As such, on 27th January, let us all go and support David Lutalo at Hotel Africana. Entrance fee is only UGX 20,000 and UGX 50,000 for VIP. See you there!
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