#HMA2017: Voting Blocks and Percentage Contribution per Platform explained.

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HiPipo Reporter.
The voting in the prestigious HiPipo Music Awards (#HMA2017) is underway. So far, more than 350,000 votes have been received across the different public vote category.
With just 32 days to the grand finale, much more votes are expected as more artistes continue to engage their fans and followers, asking them to cast their votes every day. This is in addition to the ongoing media campaign initiated by HiPipo Music Awards organizers which will be rolled out on Radio and TV starting next week.
The fifth prestigious HiPipo Music Awards will be held on 4th February at Kampala Serena Hotel.
Below is the clear break down of the voting; indicating percentage contribution for each of the voting platforms.
Website voting contributes 60 percent of the overall vote. To vote on the website, simply click here.
Whatsapp and SMS voting contributes 20 percent of the entire vote count. To vote on Whatsapp and SMS, simply add the phone number “+256-773-248282” to your contacts and send the string “#HMA2017 #HiPipoCATEGORY #NomineeName” Normal SMS rates and Whatsapp Data Rates apply.
Social Media voting (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) contributes 20 percent.  To vote on Social Media, simply make a post using the following string: “#HMA2017 #HiPipoCATEGORY #NomineeName”
At the end, the winner will be one who would have accumulated the highest number of votes across all the three different voting blocks. As such , leading on Social Media alone doesn’t make you the winner. In the same spirit, leading SMS and Whatsapp voting doesn’t make you a winner. To win, you must have votes coming from Website voting , Social Media voting , SMS and Whatsapp voting.
For details, click here.

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