#PlentyPlenty : Radio and Weasel's new song gaining Continental Attention.

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HiPipo Reporter.
A few days ago, Radio and Weasel released their much hyped video for the song Plenty Plenty. When unveiling it, the duo noted that “Plenty Plenty is our first international Single in 2016. The Song is all about Love and sharing in the world , from The street Lights Album.” It was shot from South Africa by Connect Africa  SA and audio produced by Washington Magic.
Further more, we can confirm that this video was funded by Content Connect Africa (CCA) Uganda as part of its Digital Content Rights contract signed with Radio and Weasel earlier this year.
Following its release, Plenty Plenty video has received massive endorsements and positive reviews from across the continent.  It was shared by P Square, premiered on MTV Base and Trace Channels, featured on BBC Radio and shared by different other media. This goes back to the fact that the song was released after a robust go to market plan was prepared. It is a good example on how to release a song and ensure that it reaches your target audience faster.
Nonetheless, while this approach is delivering great visibility, its conversion in to internet video views is limited. Four days after the video was uploaded on YouTube, it has less than 10,000 views, averaging at 2500 per day. While this may look rosy for our local market, it is lukewarm for the Africa market. As such, we need to find more ways of growing appeal and attraction for our videos.
By far their best song for 2016, Radio and Weasel now need to push harder to ensure that Plenty Plenty becomes a massive African tune.
Radio and Weasel at The Prestigious HiPipo Music Awards Feb 7th 2015

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