Tubonga Nawe : Popular Artistes endorse and perform for Clinton as USA Presidential Campaigns end on a Musical Note.

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Nicholas Kalungi.
The much anticipated, controversial, overwhelmingly unappealing and most laughable USA Presidential Elections since time immemorial are underway with millions of Americans casting their vote for either Hillary Clinton (Democrat) or Donald Trump (Republican). The other candidates are peripheral!
At his final rally in Michigan, Donald Trump and his enthusiastic fans colluded that “Crooked Hillary Clinton; We going to Washington DC to drain the Swamp.”
At her final rally held in North Carolina, Hillary Clinton and her fantastic supporters joined and in unison concluded that “Love Trumps Hate.”
As per the last hour opinion polls, Clinton was ‘somewhat faintly’ ahead of Trump. It is up to the Americans to elect who they deem is a better candidate. But whatever happens, by tomorrow morning we shall all know the new President of United States of America (POTUS).
However, my essay is not about politics as that is not an area that motivates me. Rather this is all and about music.
For her last week of elections campaigns, Hillary Clinton has backed so much on Artistes to excite and energize her rallies. Jay Z and Beyonce did their part. And today, Lady Gaga worked and inspired the crowd at the final rally in North Carolina.
On the other hand, Donald Trump and his campaign used the presence of Artistes at Clinton’s final rallies to portray her as a desperate candidate who instead putting her American agenda forward was now solely relaying on musicians to excite audiences and swing potential voters to her camp.
“We don’t need Jay Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and those celebrities……. This is about getting our country back and making America great again,” Trump emphasized.

Lady Gaga excites and inspires Clinton Rally audience in North Carolina.
Lady Gaga excites and inspires Clinton Rally audience in North Carolina.

Nonetheless, those of you that have followed this campaign should also remember that during the Republican Convention week, Team Donald Trump and the convention organizers partly used musicians to pull and excite crowds. Among those that performed was Third Eye Blind popular band.
But Justin Bieber refused to perform at the same convention after him and his manager Scooter Braun; a staunch Clinton supporter turned down the reported USD 5 million performance deal that was presented by the convention organizers.  It has been reported that in doing so, Justin Bieber turned down his biggest single payday.
So there we are. It is music and more music at the center. Music can win the vote, music can swing support and music can lose the vote still.
Back home, during the 2016 presidential elections, many Ugandans criticized artistes that teamed up, recorded and performed Tubonga Nawe as President Museveni’s official campaign song. Tubonga Nawe when loosely translated in English means ‘We are with You.’ Paid or not; these Artistes ( Bebe Cool, Chameleone, Radio and Weasel, Juliana Kanyomozi, Iryn Namubiru, Mun G, King Saha, Pastor Bugembe, Judith Babirye, and Haruna Mubiru among others) were exercising their fundamental constitution right of choosing who to support or not.  Unfortunately, a section of Ugandans tried to use this against them.
But again in the same campaign, RTD Dr Kizza Besigye, Hon Amama Mbabazi and some other candidates had musicians supporting their campaigns and performing at their rallies. Kizza Besigye’s unofficial but publicly know campaign song was ‘Toka Kwa Balabala, Besigye Anayigiya’ by Adam Mulwana. This when put in English means ‘clear the way, Besigye has arrived.’
To try and sideline Tubonga Nawe Artistes yet even other camps had musicians was a hypocritical position spearheaded by members of the opposition but thank God it all fell flat!
During the unveiling of the Jubilee Party in on September 9th in Nairobi, Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto had a huge number of musicians performing including Jaguar and Bahati. On the same day, Orange Democratic Party (ODM) celebrated 10 years with a massive rally held in Mombasa, Kenya. Raila Odinga and Governor Hassan Joho equally used musicians to excite their supporters. Among them; they flew in Diamond Platnumz from Tanzania to perform at the rally.
The examples are multiple and endless.
But importantly, all these factual happenings lead to one conclusion; you can never remove music from politics. The same way you have music in sports, education, tourism and homes, is exactly the same way you must accommodate music in politics. As such, each one of us should let musicians support and perform for the candidates they want with no rebuke whatsoever.
And for the Artistes; these occurrences show how strong music is. As such, you ought to use it well to impact the world. Plus; put in place proper structures to help you earn as much from it when your talent still counts.
Enough said and congratulations to Donald Trump!

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