3 Significantly Artistic Videos that Africa must pay attention to.

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Innocent Kawooya.
What would happen when art, culture and the creative classes end up replicating the unfair conditions that art was supposed to challenge and transform? And thus not inspire anyone?? Yet art’s beautifully told stories are way amazing and high on demand.
Great painters are heroes of modern art, depending on how intimately, how passionately artists execute their different assignments, the world cannot demand enough of their works. Beautiful art emerges sparkly clever. Try it out, you will only thank me forever.
That a film whether short or feature must tell a story which starts and ends somewhere, and so should the best music video be. #must!
Today, I take you through a few imaginatively powered African videos that will blow your mind and with no doubt inspire you.
Khona by Mafikizolo
Because they know you can’t talk about Africa with without associating it will multicolor, Mafikizolo knew they wanted to have product that would identify them as black champions, that they would be watched and listened to every time and all one would first comment about their product is ‘this video must be African’. Oooh Yes, their story is simply a colorful Africa, whether it was the set designs, costumes or make up, they brilliantly told an African story.
Khona is a special African video that everyone must pay attention to. Not because it the best thing that can ever happen to selling the Africa color story but because their confidence and determination to take such a direction still pays off.
The fashion in this music video for “Khona” reminds me of these top global designers in some ways. Geometric shapes and bright colors abound, abound, abound, in eye-catching ways galore. Shimmered male dancers dive and lunge around a suggestive female lioness and a hypnotic rhythm, pushing “Khona” hard as a visual highlight and a repeat listen.
“Khona” was written and composed in Zulu by Theo Kgosinkwe, Nhlanhla Nciza and Uhuru. It interprets to “there” or “at that place”. The release of “Khona” marked the approved reunion of the singing duo who took significant time off to work on their solo careers.
Speed by Juju
Juju wanted his video for “Speed” to inspire people and he even dedicated it to the road safety campaign. But Speed isn’t just some glamorous music video. Juju is sending a message: empowering drivers, passengers and youths to shield their lives.
To tell a highly sensitive story through arty impressions can never be a low-priced thing.
Often when your take an artistic path, the next decision is to look for the best and probably most expensive service providers. Juju’s speed video works with creative art paintings to tell a story on road and general life safety. That a helmet should be an important tool whenever you want to engage in travel or any would be dangerous activity. That when you nakedly relate with a man or woman, always remember that Intimacy at a given level intertwines your aural energy with the aural energy of the other person or thing. You thus might get infected with a disease or die in a fatal accident if you don’t have a helmet.
The music video undoubtedly contrasts traditional culture with modernity, merging the old and the new while mixing with traditional African patterns.
When the dancers come in, we see some on top of old cars. The Burundi originating ballerinas ‘Nyika Band’, in the last few months, their level of fame has zoomed from ordinary to outstanding, thanks to speed video.
Niquer Ma Vie by Youssoupha
In the award winning Niquer Ma Vie song which roughly translates into the none acronym version of FML, Yousoupha speaks on adversity and betrayal.  The video is incredible as Yousoupha literally brings his artwork to life.
That paintings and sculptures speak, walk hmmm, I can imagine many would want and at the same time dread to access such a place where this happens! And such is how emotionally art was used to tell a creative story of Niquer Ma Vie music video. The sound track is French but you will wish to watch this visual over and over again thanks to the well told story powered by Art.
That the set and consume designers did such a commendable job, is no doubt.
Youssoupha Mabiki is probably one of the continent’s biggest artistes’ and most successful Hip Hop exports.  Now living in France, the Congolese born rapper has built a solid following that reaches far beyond the Francophone Hip Hop scene.
Even ghosts of globally celebrated, legendary animators, stock motion gurus and painters such Leonardo da Vinci would be wowed by videos such as these three.
Most common about these videos was the incredibly amazing invention, painting, sculpting and architecture put to work.
If creativity employed in these videos means anything for the rest of Africa, it’s that these superstars that setting an unusual trend.
Until then! Enjoy

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