Like It Is! Coke Studio is a unique show that can become even greater if Artistes exploited and exhausted the opportunities it presents.


Nicholas Kalungi.
God has been so good to US. In our era, we have seen, watched and heard several great things happening.
I mean; in our era, there has been transformation and remarkable upgrades in every aspect of living.
But in the face of this global development, our biggest undoing continues to be our failure to equitably have the whole world enjoy these life improvements. To date, several things are reserved to a certain group of people.
The second biggest undoing is our failure to put to proper use all available resources in order for them to best benefit us and our communities.
Talking music, there is one music property that several artistes are failing to put to proper use yet if well used, it would significantly propel their music careers and also make Africans prouder everywhere they go. This music property is Coke Studio Africa.
To bring everyone to speed; Coke Studio Africa is a non-competitive music show that brings together diverse African music talent for world-class showcases, while giving upcoming artistes the opportunity to work with some of the best local and international music and production talent. It is Coca-Cola’s flagship African music show.
Coke Studio Africa Season 4 premiered on 8th November and shows on different TVs over weekends including Urban TV in Uganda and Citizen TV in Kenya. It will have; 38 of Africa’s leading music talent & an international guest star, 76 new songs and 11 world class episodes.

Coke Studio Africa Season 4 Guest Star ‘Trey Songz’ is Unveiled in Nairobi, Kenya.
Coke Studio Africa Season 4 Guest Star ‘Trey Songz’ is Unveiled in Nairobi, Kenya.

Coca Cola massive Investment!
Over the past four five years, Coca Cola has invested billions of money in this property including setting up a state of the art live music studio – Coke Studio in Nairobi, hiring competent professionals to produce and run the show, massive media promotion, publicity and public relations budgets, payment and hosting of selected African musicians that participate in the show plus hiring and flying in global music stars such as Neyo and Trey Songz to mix , mingle, collaborate, and exchange musical ideas and contacts with our very own. This approach has been deliberate and consistent for now four years.
Nonetheless, the musicians are not taking matters in their hands to use Coke Studio as a stepping stone for flying higher. I mean, established and new artistes meet at Coke studio and collaborate on projects, do mash-ups and discuss music. The African audience is then wooed by Coke Studio videos uploaded on Internet and aired on TV.
“The Juliana Kanyomozi and Mr Flavour mash up is extra-ordinary. No one has ever done live music better than this,” a fan posted on Facebook last year after watching a ‘collaboration between Juliana (Uganda) and Flavour (Nigeria).
On its YouTube channel, Coke Studio Africa videos have more than 30 million views; a clear indication that many fans are watching online not forgetting the other millions that watch on TV. From a holistic view; Coca Cola is doing its part in showcasing our originality, creativity, competence and uniqueness.
However, while this is happening, the Artistes are either contented with their current accomplishments that they don’t want to achieve more or they have failed to understand how best to use Coke Studio platform to further boost their careers.
I mean, after the Coke Studio mash ups and collaborations, you hardly see any artistes doing follow ups. I mean, why didn’t Juliana and Flavour market their mash ups after Coke Studio season 3 or work on new music together after-all their team up in the studio was pragmatically a match from heaven?
Better still, will Dr Jose Chameleone and Neyma follow up their Coke Studio collaboration with a mastered studio audio and release it across Africa?
Or; why can’t Rema Namakula ensure that after Coke Studio season 4, she promotes her works with 2BaBa, read 2Face?
All I am saying it that Coke Studio is an exciting and eye opening platform. However, if our wish is for it to become greater, then the lucky artistes selected to represent their countries must not only perform in the studio but also follow up with actual and marketable collaborations after the studio. The same way they look for collaborations and market their songs is the same way they should look at the Coke Studio Africa platform.
Like they say; you can only lead a goat to a water source but you can’t force it to drink.