Big Eye releases a clean, creative and action packed Nkuziniremu video.


HiPipo Reporter.

As we gear up for the much anticipated Nkuziniremu Self Contained Concert slated for December 3rd at Hotel La Grande Bwaise, Big Eye Starboss aka Stage King has today released both audio and video for one of the concert’s lead songs Nkuziniremu. Self-Contained has been out for months and doing very well across the country.

Shot by Director Pest of Grate Make videos, Nkuziniremu is a one of its kind video. The photos are clean, and sharp. It clearly portrays dedicated investment intended to achieve quality works.


From Jinja Golf Course, to the different hotel venues used, the video retains the same great photo quality. The action there is equally mouthwatering. Big Eye Starboss easily excels with different dance stokes; urban and traditional dance styles combined.

Nkuziniremu audio was produced by Diggy Baur of Sound Cover studio. The song is about a guy who does everything to prove to his lover that he is the better dancer.

Below are more photos from the Nkuziniremu Video. Remember Nkuziniremu Self Contained Concert is on come December 3rd at Hotel la Grande Bwaise. Entrance fee will be UGX 10,000 ordinary and UGX 30,000 for VIP.



Big Eye Star Boss in Nkuziniremu Video.
Big Eye Star Boss in Nkuziniremu Video.