20 Rising Musicians that are exciting Fans in 2016

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Solo Dre.
For those that love Football, you very much know that Football Teams have academies where they groom and graduate young talent. Such academies are used to feed the senior team with raw and fresh talent. World over, the most popular academy in terms of nurturing stars is La Masia – FC Barcelona Youth Academy. In Uganda, Villa Park has made a name for discovering and grooming talent.
The same is not the case with music. While the likes of Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Chameleone have wholeheartedly discovered, babysat, developed and promoted talent, their approach has been more informal. I mean, while they have nurtured several musicians, they never put clear structures in place for continuity and maturity. As such, most of the Artistes they have groomed, left them and launched solo careers. Many have been very successful. But in the same spirit, very many have badly flopped. I am in neither habit nor mood of ‘name and shame’.
However, it is clear that majority of the big names in Uganda’s music industry have been principally self-made. Of course that doesn’t mean that they never got a push here and there. But, they worked tirelessly and earned their stardom.
This means that even those budding young artistes have to find their own way, call it formulae of breaking through and consolidating their fame. Again, many have done it while a big lot has also flattered to deceive, failed and sunk to the ocean ends.
Today, I am paying respect to 20 rising artistes for 2016. This is not about ‘upcoming’ but rising Stars. These are artistes that are paving their way to stardom. Some have very big songs, others have very great videos among others. Some of these already have hit songs and are already getting paid for their work while other have good songs, receiving great power play and positive reviews but are yet to start earning from their talent. This list is a twenty to one countdown and largely based on market realities, public views and promoters perception.
1. Roden Y – Kabako
2. Sasha Brighton – Da Nu Eagles: Amaalo
3. Ffeffe Buusi – Nsekula and Ntondo
4. Carol Nantongo – Golden Band: Ontuuka
5. Princess Amiirah – Sibookya and Ndi Mu Love
6. Clarissa Nabulime – Nawe
7. Lily Kadima – Nazaala
8. Jovan Luzinda – Da Nu Eagles: Emboseera
9. Shidy Stylo – Ayi Ayi
10. Mulekwa Nampeera – Bukokolo
11. B2C – Tokigeza
12. Lil Pazzo – Emundu Evuge
13. Ykee Benda – Farmer
14. Allan Hendrik – Mukwano Gwo
15. Dickson Effekt – Jigi Jigidickson-effekt
16. Jayman and T Paul – Okwagala
17. Betina Namukasa – Nakutegera
18. Undercover Brothers Ug – Nsikatila
19. Hot Kaawa – Regina
20. Voltage Music – Pull UP
Those are the 20 Rising Musicians that are exciting Fans in 2016. Until then.

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