Club Mega Fest Performance Ratings: Sauti Sol was divine but Mun G and Maro performed so many Songs

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Nicholas Kalungi.    

The Club Mega Fest was held on Saturday at Sheraton Hotel Gardens. Sauti Sol Band was the main act but was supported by several talented homemade talent.

While to Uganda, this was the Club Mega Fest, to Sauti Sol, this performance was a continuation of the Modern Coast Express sponsored ‘Live and Die in Afrika’ Album Tours. I believe many of you have seen their mega and branded tour bus around Kampala but that is a story for another day.

For HiPipo, I was at Sheraton Gardens and here are my ratings of what I saw that night. The best is 10 and 1 is the worst. 


DJ Aludah: A fine evening for Sir Aludah with great music selection. He got the VIP section up and partying. The general audience was also fine. 6.5/10.

Maurice Kirya and Vampino: The two Kirya brothers did well. This was originally a Maurice Kirya performance. However, he took the opportunity to invite his brother Vampino on stage to the excitement of the crowd. At the end, their combination got more love. 6.5/10

Maro: He was able to do part performances of a couple of his songs leaving the fans hungry for some complete performances. He would have done better with a ‘fewer but complete songs performance’. 5.5/10

DJ Shiru: The Spinner Master was at it again. He moved the crowd with his selection of massive hits, mainly from outside Uganda. It was a great day in office for him. His brand rocks the night life. 7.5/10

Mun G: People love his rib-tickling and exciting lyrics. Saturday was no different. But, like Maro, he too performed a little too many songs. Just like they say, too much of anything is bad. Maximum of 4 songs would be enough. 5.5/10

Navio: In Njogereza, Navio has one of the biggest songs in Uganda this year. His appearance on Mega Fest thrilled many. The fans like him and were super excited when his performance, he included two Luganda songs – Nawuliranga and Njogereza accompanied by Unique and the traditional dancers. But, he had somewhat too many talk breaks; repeatedly announcing his September 9th Njogereza Concert and jokingly telling fans that time was up thus he couldn’t perform Njogereza. The breaks killed the performance flow. 6.5/10

Ziza Bafana: Among the Ugandan performers, Ziza Bafana was the most lively, action-packed and electrifying. For him, it was music and more music. However at some point, he took off a minute and sent a message to ‘people that praise English while undermining local languages particularly Luganda.’ To him; such people are misled. That’s his opinion. The climax of his performance was when he teamed up with his dancers particularly an arousing female dancer. This was a key highlight of the night. 8.1/10

Sheebah: Another Artiste doing very well this her. Her first step on stage was received with a resounding ovation from the audience. On stage, she did very well. The fans loved her performance with Chosen for their collaboration titled Wadawa. BUT, regardless of how sweet Sheebah’s music is, she must get back up performers particularly dancers. Save for Chosen who joined her for the Wadawa performance, she was lonely on stage throughout. She danced and sang well but alone. Her music has a huge dance element. This is evident in her videos but not her performances. It is an issue that her management need to address. Over to you Jeff and Allan Kiwa. 6.5/10

Maddox Ssematimba: His music is classical, no doubt about that. On Saturday, Maddox together with his live band delivered very good performance. Like it as always been for Maddox; few words and more music. For a live performance, it was convincing. But, Maddox needs to start dancing ; atleast the Reggae Dance style. 7.5/10

Dr Jose Chameleone, the surprise performer: As Maddox concluded his performance, he was joined on stage by Dr Jose Chameleone. The latter went on to perform one of Maddox’s Omuyimbi song. The fans love Chameleone. And on Saturday, the Fans ‘super-loved’ Chameleone performing a Maddoxx reggae song as the owner cheered on. This short performance was sealed by a hug from the two legends. 7/10

Sauti Sol Band: The main act of the night was Africa’s ‘Best Live Act’, the Sauti Sol Band. When they were announced, the fans shouted, when they emerged on stage, the fans cheered, when they sang, the fans sang back, when they danced, the fans danced and when they talked, the fans listened. But when, the Sauti Sol Band said thank you Uganda, the concert is over, the fans looked heartbroken. They asked for more. They wanted these Kenyan boys to perform for the whole night. Impossible request! But in all, Sauti Sol had the fans in their control. Their live band act was phenomenal. They set a good precedent for all those that do live music across East Africa. 9.5/10

Salvador:  He was the main emcee of the night. He did well and managed the show throughout. Definitely, we all know that Salvador is a star comedian and cool entertainer. However, from Sheraton grounds, I heard murmurs that the funny man of Ombokolo was over talking. Regardless, he had a good day in office. 7/10

Organisation and Management :

Silk Events: The sound , lighting and stage were on point. Stage Animations and Silhouettes were massive. But the large screens frequently went on and off; something that was not cool. 7/10

Talent Africa: Probably one of the most organized music Promotion Company in East Africa, Ally and his Talent Africa team did a great job on Saturday. 7.5/10

Club Beer: They made this all happen. The Artistes were around and the Beer was flowing. 7.5/10
Security : Uganda Police, Sheration Security and other agencies involved did a nice job. It all looked safe in and outside the venue. Revellers had fun with their hearts at peace. But, I heard of two fans, that noted that they had allegedly lost a bag and two phones to thieves outside the venue. I can’t confirm that. 7.5/10. 
Performance of the Night: Sauti Sol! 

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