Talented A Pass is a Breath of Freshness in the Music Industry

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Mohamed Mushaijamukuru Kimbugwe. 

Effortlessly good! That’s what traversed my mind the very first time I listened to A Pass. His music felt like a breath of freshness, but I had one major concern. I initially thought he would only be able to appeal to urbanites and not the mass market. However, the ease with which he cocktails Luganda with Jamaican patois has got my qualms sorted. 

His adaptability as a Ragga/Reggae artist and song writer speaks volumes of dexterity and this can be seen in such songs as Tuli Kubigere, Am Loving, One Of A Kind, Mumpulira, Love Infection, Nyenya Omugongo, Muliwa and Wuuyo.

Thanks to his exceptionality and flair, the seemingly shy artist has already attracted collabos with such artists as Ekky, Cindy, Don MC, Tanzania’s AY, Mun G and the sensational Diva Lillian Mbabazi, with whom he has done the viral Memories! 

The 2014 prestigious HiPipo Music Awards (HMA) Best Dancehall and Best Male Breakthrough nominee has also had a startling voyage as a lyricist. He is known to have written both Everywhere I go and Byebyo, off Bebe Cool’s Sui Generis Go Mama album. 

The ease with which he has landed corporate engagements is the kind that many an artist his age would only dream about or envy. Such are clearly signs of an artist on the rise, one who has huge things lined up ahead for him. 

However, that A Pass happens to belong to the same generation of musicians like Gravity, Ziza Bafana and Big Eye, a number of dynamics come into play. The aforementioned artists are aggressive crowd pullers with an appeal to the mass market.

This therefore means that without compromising his flair and uniqueness, A Pass must be equally as aggressive and also ensure that he appeals more to a broader market. For any musician to succeed in Uganda, they must have their music hitting in Kisekka Market as much as it does in Kabira Club; hitting in Katanga as much as it does in Kololo.

That balance should not be hard for A Pass to create, given that he has proved himself as apt enough to mingle Luganda with Jamaican patois and still bring forth amazing music!

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