Sheebah�s Okikola Otya (By The Way) Video Is another Blow to Skeptics

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Med Kimbugwe

To Sheebah, delivering good music has become a habit. Just when disbelievers think she’s running out of awesome music, she delivers yet another silencer. The reigning HiPipo Music Awards Best Female Artist has Okikola Otya (By The Way) Video to confirm my remarks.

Okikola Otya is a typical performance video and as such, I’ll pay particular attention to choreography, energy, costuming, Camerawork and special effects. In a performance video, choice of location or location enhancement is never my point of interest.

The choreography is captivating, the costuming is creative, the performance energy is superb and the video offers variety! Looking at special effects, I love the switch from TNS lighting in the background to a glamorous background illuminated with green. This enhances the variety talked about earlier on.

Taking a closer look at costuming, attention was paid to every detail. I love the masks worn by the male dancers, since they create a mystery of some sorts. The costuming coupled with radiant energy will make you want to dance and go down low. 

A performance video calls for a camera crew that has an eye for detail. A camera crew that can capture all those seemingly minute details like shoes, a wiggling waist, facial expressions and several other such details. Okikola Otya had exactly that.

Sheebah sure is dedicating to delivering and nothing seems capable of standing in her way. After videos like Ice Cream and Go Down Low, Okikola Otya is an amazingly awesome display of a consistent artist.

I hope you watched the male dancers doing the Kitono Stroke. What do you think about this? If you haven’t, watch Okikola Otya video exclusively on HiPipo; Music for Nature!

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