Nakumiss by Bobi Wine And Nubian Is A Beautiful Video

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Med Mushaijamukuru Kimbugwe

Nakumiss is primarily a fusion of Indian pop (Filmi) and coastal Ta'Arab, a breed of music that breathes a lot from a marriage between Arab (Asian) music and Swahili music and is very popular both in Kenya and Tanzania, especially among mixed culture coastal people! So to be able to comprehend this song, it is important that you understand the heart of its nature.

Nakumiss comes in as the second Swahili song by Bobi Wine, soon after Paradiso; and much as there are arguments on whether or not Bobi Wine is getting his Swahili lines right, I prefer to look at this as a deliberate effort to reinvent himself and focus on something fresh and new; and Nakumiss alongside Nubian gives him exactly that. The focus of this review is the video and we shall go to the dynamics of the video, right away.

The strongest point of this video is the choice of locations (setting). From a ride in the desert to a yacht, this is the kind of scenery that is not only pleasant to view but also complements the nature of the song. The beauty of these locations is enhanced by interesting camera angles, movements and choice of shots. Even with a simple concept and story, the scenery makes the video powerful.

In an Industry where the common belief is that a video must be congested with extras and props for it to be nice, I respect a director that pulls off a non-congested music video. With a cast of just three people and props not significantly exceeding a car and a yacht, the deliberate space in Nakumiss allows the viewer a chance to enjoy the beauty of this video. The female extra also comfortably blends in and adds flavor to the video.

At this point however, the video begins to feel disjointed, with Nubian and Bobi appearing to be in different worlds. The concept of the video fails to create a deliberate connection between Bobi and Nubian, the two artists delivering the song. This is of psychological importance and moments should have been chosen for Bobi and Nubian to deliver the song in the same shot!

The disparity is made even wider by the fact that whereas Bobi Wine has eventful and playful moments with the female extra in the video, Nubian's world of the video is uneventful. He just appears in the video and renders his lines in an uneventful manner. This not only takes away from the video, but also increases the above mentioned disjointed feeling between Bobi Wine and Nubian.

Having been shot largely in day light, the director of the video therefore misses out on an opportunity for creative, interesting and beautiful lighting; a thing that also takes away a lot from the beauty of the video. Videos are consumed by eyes and as such, any opportunity for pleasant lighting must be explored. Yet with Nakumiss, lighting is left to mercies of nature! May be it was deliberate, may be it was not but the day on which the video was shot was probably not bright enough and that gave birth to a gloomy picture.

Other than that, Nakumiss is a beautiful video.

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