Mbamalawo: Navio sings chorus and some verses in Luganda

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HiPipo Team.

Listen to Mbamalawo by Navio right now. 

Uganda’s Hip-Hop industry is one that has lived for decades. However, it was only since 2007 that it became a profit making music genre. The change in fortunate is attributed to musicians such as Rocky Giant, Navio and GNL Zamba. These made Hip-Hop a popular and commercial music genre. They were followed by MunG, Gravity, Don Mc, The Mith and Atlas among others. We now have Victor Kamenyo working towards joining the money making ranks. 

However, from all these rappers, only Navio – the 2015 winner of HiPipo Music Award for best Hip-Hop song has been consistent throughout the time. He has single-handedly held the Ugandan Hip-Hop Flag across Africa for years.

Unfortunately, while he has been massive outside Uganda, his mass market penetration has been at times restricted because his music is mainly in English. In this market, you must have a local language song particularly Luganda if you are to attract mass support.

In a move to catch the attention of more local supporters while continuing to dominate across borders, Navio has released his first Luganda song titled Mbamalawo.

Produced by record hitmaker 'Paddy Man', Mbamalawo is sang in both Luganda and English. He may not be fluent in Luganda for obvious reasons, but his lines and lyrics are strong. His choice of topic is no surprise. Mbamalawo which when translated in English literally means ‘I am taking them over’, is a reassurance and self-praise song.

Navio tells his listeners that he will continue to lead the industry – East Africa Hip-Hop with great music.

Listen to Mbamalawo by Navio right now and tell us what you think about it in the comments section below.

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