Grace Nakimera in Seesa

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From the Queen of Kawonawo, Onyambanga and Bwoba sexy comes Seesa, another gripping hit. Many of you credit Grace Nakimera for her electrifying stage performances and several others credit her for having an eye for good videos, but with Seesa, you are going to credit her for making you dance your bones out.

Though the lyrics of the song are love oriented, the delivery is dance oriented. It is an up-tempo song that sure will keep dance floors on fire. Grace doesn’t disappoint in her vocal delivery. Much as her vocals fall within the same range, they come with a superb variation especially in energy.

Her vocal strength is amazing and the energy with which she renders the song is so contagious. The song makes you want to wear your dancing shoes right away, increase the volume on your music machine and turn your house into a club.

You’ll sure find a hook in the repetitiveness of Seesa and Kyuusa, which will sure enable you to sing along Seesa as you sweat out those dance moves from the core of your hardest bones, even without knowing how.

The track too complements her vocal energy, yet without being monotonous. Track variations give the song a progressive journey from start to end. From points of intensity to relaxed ones and back to intense ones yet again, this track will give you a good experience.

Given how good Grace Nakimera gets with her videos, I simply can’t wait for Seesa video.

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