Golola Moses; the Tale of a Champion That Has Defeated Defeat.

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Med Mushaijamukuru Kimbugwe

On Friday the 14th of November, Golola successfully defended his East and Central African title against his Tanzanian challenger Emmanuel Shija.

I'm not more interested in this fight that Golola won in a space of under one minute by a technical knockout. I'm instead interested in the journey and qualities that make this man a unique champion.

Success, they say, is not enshrined in how often you win but how ably you get up and dust yourself every time you fall. It is the art of not allowing challenges to stand in your way, the art of letting your challenges make you even stronger! It is the art of defeating defeat and such is an art that Golola Moses has mastered!

Golola's strength rests not in his twelve wins by knock out or his nine wins by points. It instead rests in the style and strength with which he has risen from each of the three defeats in his professional career! His biggest strength is his ability to always challenge and push himself harder for improvement.

He moved into his East and Central Africa title defense after losing to an American opponent, yet that did not limit his spirit in any way! He pitched camp in Mabira Forest, typical Golola style and embarked on both hard work and a tribe of hype that only Golola can put together. He indicated that his previous defeats were in the old Testament of his career and that he was ready to usher in a new testament that would see him defeat the Tanzanian National Champion.

With the training and hype ably done, we all waited patiently for Golola Moses of the New Testament in Jinja. Not even the heavy rains could prevent fans form making their way to Jinja's Crested Crane hotel. People braced the coldness and the rain, just to support the only man that pockets while naked; Golola Moses of Uganda.

From the time Golola stepped into the ring to the time he technically knocked the Tanzanian out, crowds were shouting his name in encouragement.

"Golola" "Golola" "Golola" is all that could be heard from the ecstatic fans. It then dawned on me that only Golola can pull off that kind of magic! It dawned on me still that before Golola Moses, Ugandans only heard about Kickboxing as an alien sport.

Golola single handedly rubbed kickboxing into our skins and made us fall in love with it. His humor and his hype and trademark single line catch phrases kept us on our toes. Things like, "I'm the only man who has ever climbed mountain dew" or "I'm the only man who can pluck pages out of Facebook" ably likened Golola Moses to Muhammad Ali in terms of hype.

What makes him even more admirable is his ability to defeat defeat! Every single time he has lost a game, people always waited to see what kind of reaction he would pull off and believe you me, defeat only makes Golola an even stronger fighter! He comes out of it more energized and ready to take on the next challenge.


When time finally comes, Golola shall be remembered as the man who made kickboxing a household name in Uganda. The man whose charm and hype endeared him to many; and a man who never let defeat stand in his way!

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