Catherine Kusasira and Fred Seruga in Sonyiwa Banno Video

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Med Kimbugwe

Apologizing in relationship is probably the hardest thing to and most people would rather satiate their pride than apologize. Funny enough, even when one is bold enough to apologize, a lot more people end up not being forgiving.

In Sonyiwa Banno, it is a little different. Catherine Kusasira’s apology attracts Fred Seruga’s forgiveness. Catherine never disappoints with her vocals and Sonyiwa Banno isn’t any different. She delivers with energy and sweetness while Seruga compliments her with a masculine feel.

Looking at the video, it has a nice story of a lady apologizing to her lover, who initially seems not interested in listening to her. Eventually, the man picks interest in the apology and reconciliation finds a place between the two to the disappointment of some.

Technically, the video is shot in the compound of house, which is intercut with shots from a car scene. This however, doesn’t make the video any boring since it has an interesting story and clever camera movements are employed to appease the eyes.

Golden Band’s Catherine Kusasira is well known for her love songs tackling different angles fo relationships, right from heart breaks, moving on, sweet romance and now across the board to reconciliation.

The Queen Of Golden Band is also on record for her awesome energy not just vocally, but also in video performance. She also has facial reactions that range from tough to jolly and playful, which a lot of people find infectious.

Catherine and Seruga deliver well in Sonyiwa Banno.

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