Upcoming Musicians Have an Uphill Task Ahead Of Them

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Medkimbugwe [at] HiPipo.com

If the axiom that life is not a bed of roses is germane in any place, then such a place is the Ugandan music industry. The competition at the top is so break neck that an upcoming artist would have to be exceptionally hard working to break through the ranks.

An aloof look at such musicians as Bobi Wine, Juliana, Iryn, Navio, Cindy, Grace Nakimera, Radio and Weasel, Chameleone and Bebe Cool, among others would mislead one into thinking that they’ve accomplished it all and have nothing to worry about; yet those guys work so hard that one might think they just started.

If you thought they were soon retiring to create room for you, better think again. You alone can fight for space at the top. These guys are still as hard working as ever, in fact, more hardworking than ever before.

Take the illustration of Bobi Wine. I admire the amount of hard work he has invested in his recent project with Mr. G. When he did Clean and Out with Mr. G, he invested so much energy in marketing it that one could easily think it was his first song ever. He invested so much hard work to the extent of flying to Jamaica to shoot the video.

If Bobi Wine can work that hard, then an upcoming artist must work ten times harder. Therein lay a lesson for young musicians. Do not take things for granted. Nothing comes on a silver platter.

We then come to Bebe Cool. A misled and misleading assumption would be that since Bebe Cool has been in the music trade for so many years, then he does not have to worry about marketing his upcoming Kokodiosis concerts. Believe you me, even a musician as prolific as Bebe Cool does not take things for granted.

He has left no stone unturned in marketing his upcoming Kokodiosis concerts. In addition to radio, TV and newspaper adverts, Bebe has been all over social media marketing Kokodiosis with so much effort, one might think it is his first concert ever.

In short, if the seniors are not taking any chances and working this hard, then young musicians are at both an advantage and disadvantage. They have an uphill task ahead of them, a situation which is not necessarily bad.

The disadvantage is that they must work tenfold harder than their predecessors did. The advantage is that their predecessors have set a tangible example for them. Those who are observant and pick lessons will definitely make the best out of it.

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