There’s Nothing New about Juliana Kanyomozi and Rema’s Clashing Concerts


Medkimbugwe [at]

This is an issue that I least intended to interest myself in, but as a matter of responsibility, I felt it important to throw some light on it.

Call it a mind game, stunt or just a coincidence; whichever way, there’s nothing new about Juliana Kanyomoozi and Rema’s clashing concerts. We’ve seen much bigger clashes in the past and gotten used to the whole idea.

As such, no promoter in their right state of mind should even think about using it as a marketing stunt or a way of drawing attention to either of the concerts. It is not news and is less likely to be an important tool in the marketing strategy of any of the two concerts.

Need I remind you of the clash of Titans we had between Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool? Bobi Wine had a concert at Africana, while Bebe Cool had his at Kyadondo. Battle lines were drawn, sides taken; and as we speak, fans have never reached a consensus on who had a bigger concert. In short, the perceived clash between Juliana and Rema can never equal that or even attract similar attention.

Need I also remind you of the second clash between Chameleone and Chris Evans?! This attracted accusations and counter accusations, but at the end of the day, each of the artists had a successful concert and went home a happy man.

In the case of Juliana and Rema, I don’t see the existence of a clash between the two Divas. First of all, Juliana chose to be at Serena, an indicator that Juliana and Rema will not be clashing for the same number or class of fans.

In short, this clash is nothing but perceived. It does not exist in actual sense. The most it can do is create an economies of scale towards these two concerts, given that music fans can mark the date as one on which both concerts will take place.

Each of the two will have a successful concert, each in their own way.