Revival Band Grows From Strength To Strength

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After the departure of Hajjati Madina of Bibuuza fame, many wondered what else Revival Band had to offer apart from Maggie Kayima [Nabbi Omukazi]. To the bemusement of both skeptics and fanatics, Revival band has since provided Uganda with a wide spectrum of talented musicians.
Bena Namisinga [Onkubyeko Ekibaati], Hassan Ndugga [Ebintu Bizibu], Jackie Babirye [Omwana Wani], Umar Mwanje[T.V Y’omukisenge]; alongside the historical Maggie Kayima are all clear testimony that Revival Band is here to stay and make its presence felt.
With such talent and hits, it is not surprising even one little bit that Revival Band is raising dust. Their songs have been widely loved, explaining exactly why they swept three awards at the second prestigious HiPipo Music Awards.
They must be applauded for their hilarious video and stage antics. Even a stone hearted guy would be forced to grin by simply watching the video of T.V Y’omukisenge or listening to the lyrics of Ebintu Bizibu or even watching the drama in these guys’ stage performances.
I’m yet to see a Ugandan band that has had a more rigorous P.R and marketing campaign. These even do commercials, showing clips of their upcoming music videos. This has always forced me to look forward to their videos.
In addition to investing heavily in P.R, marketing and hilarious music videos, Revival Band has been able to devolve attention from Maggie Kayima to several other talented musicians. Don’t take this to mean that the female “prophet” has been eliminated. I’m simply saying it is no longer all about her.
Credit must be given where it is due. In that spirit, I must concede that Revival Band has ably managed to grow from strength to strength, over such a short span of time. 

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