Ragga/Dancehall Meets Hip Hop in Navio and Yung Mulo’s Omu ku Omu


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Watch Omu Ku Omu #VIDEO

In music, there are not more than seven basic notes, A, B, C, D, E, F and G which occur in numerous octaves, but a combination of these notes can give an indefinite array of sounds. Similarly, a combination of music genres can give unbelievable results.

Such is the case with Omu Ku Omu by Navio featuring Yung Mulo. This song is a clean cocktail of Raga-Dancehall and Hip Hop, whose beats will make you dance till you drop. It is a clear indication of what can be attained when the best of both worlds meet.  

It is not doubt that Navio is one of the best Hip Hop artists Uganda ever had, and his lines in Omu Ku Omu assert exactly that. He turns out mature, confident and prolific in flow that you cannot help but fall in love with his style.

Yung Mulo proves in this song that he is no gamble. His awesome flow explains why he managed to establish himself in the Ugandan music industry in such a short period. The fusion between these two guys is indeed awesome.

This song is simply made to make you dance. The video explains it all. Omu ku Omu video is not such a complicated one, but it is done in such a way that excellently brings out the song and syncs with the track.

Apart from containing girls that increase the viewer’s dancing appetite, transition between shots was done in such a way that the video flows with the track of the song. All in all, Omu Ku Omu is a nice piece of work that you should definitely fall in love with.