Radio and Weasel living a musical Goodlyfe again

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A few months ago, I wrote about Moses Radio and Weasel, envisaging how I expected this musical pair to perform in 2013.

In my article, I forecasted that the Goodlyfe duo would have a big music year characterized by great performances at a local, regional and continental level.

Ooh yes, unlike many prophets of doom-(read false writers), I am so far very right.

It is no longer odd that on every top ten Ugandan songs doing it big this year no matter the station, their is at least one Goodlyfe song. If it is not Ba Customer, it is Fantastic, Magnetic, Obudde, Lets Go Home-Take me Home, Fitting featuring Desire Luzinda or Kiboko featuring Amani.

I now have this strong feeling that Radio and Weasel are going to get even better in a few months. 

Note my words, the Magnetic stars will this year be nominated numerously and will definitely be strong contenders for awards both at the local and continental level. There music is moving and fast-circulating both on traditional and new media. 

But why this year:

Unlike late 2011 and early 2012 when Radio and Weasel were victims of their own success, this year, the duo is much calmer largely concentrating on doing music.

Together with their management, the Makindye based boys have been able to shield off negative publicity, reduced their public involvements and concentrated on music. To prove this, they have a complete album that will be officially launched come May 10 at Hotel Africana.

Secondly, their music sound has had major improvements. They are offering a music variety to all their fans. It is now up to each particular fan to choose what they enjoy most. If you hate fitting, you will love Obudde or Let’s Go Home. It is this music variety that has made their music a no miss at almost all stations.

And who will stop Moses Radio and Weasel this year?

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