Nubian Li: A Talented Musician Who Seems Tied to Collabos

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Medkimbugwe [at]

I first of all must say that it still perturbs my understanding for a guy as vocally apt as Nubian Li, who is also good at playing guitar to fail to blossom a successful solo career.

This is not to say that he has not done solo acts. I’m simply saying that he only comes out strongly when he sings in collaboration with others.

You may of course feel free to go ahead and disagree with me, but I’ll none the less put my argument across. This phenomenon goes back into his days with the Nubian Squad. Once it disbanded, this soft voiced vocalist almost disappeared off the map until around 2005.

Ani Yaleeta Okwagala, Nubian Li’s very first collabo with Bobi Wine plunged him back into the world of collabos. This was followed by Adam ne Kawa, another collabo with the ghetto gladiator; and since then, the list of collabos for Nubian Li is endless.

He has since been involved in such collabos as Obuvuka alongside Bobi Wine and Henry Tigan, For better for worse alongside Bobi Wine, Abalungi balumya alongside Bobi Wine, Matyansi Butyampa alongside the ghetto gladiator, Ensi etabuse alongside Bobi Wine, No.1 alongside Bobi Wine and Navio, Ebbaluwa remix alongside Buchaman and wherever you go along side Bobi Wine.

This young man is very talented, but for reasons that I still fail to decipher, he comes out much stronger when he sings with others. This is not a necessarily a bad thing, but it means that his career may be condemned to collabos.

However, credit must be given where it’s due. Nubian has also done interesting solo acts such as Nkaaba, Ebbaluwa, Ensoonga, Kyoyoya. The fact that he is a talented guy is a very obvious one.

Yet with all his talent and sweet vocals, the unsolved puzzle about his ability to man a solo career remains pronounced.

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