Juliana Kanyomozi Fanbase Expects A Treat Bigger Than Kibaluma Concert

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Medkimbugwe [at] HiPipo.com

If my memory does me justice, Juliana last thrilled her fans at a major concert on the 27th of October 2007, at the Kibaluma Concert at Kati Kati. Six years down the road, the super diva is expected to thrill her fans yet again on October 18th 2013 at Serena.

Fans and critics alike are looking forward to what Juliana has to offer. The fans in particular say they expect a much bigger treat than the 2007 Kibaluma concert treat. Fans say Kibaluma concert was so amazing, that it made them forget all about the fact that Juliana came late on stage, at around 11pm.

Whether Juliana can do much better on October 18th is yet to be seen. Some critics have looked at her choice of Serena as the venue for her concert as a bad move; claiming that it will keep away lots of her loyal fans.

Juliana has a lot of fans from different walks of life, many of whom can’t afford to be at Serena; if not for the cost of the ticket or “fear” of the place itself, the concern is about how many people Serena can accommodate at a concert.

Well, I guess by choosing Serena, Juliana was making a clear statement about both class and maturity. She also made a clear statement about the nature of the concert. I guess it is not going be a “rowdy” typical “Kivvulu”, but rather a classy and cozy experience.

I’ve also heard some people wondering whether she will beat completion from Remah who has a concert on the same day. Believe you me; Rema is no competition for Juliana. Talented though Rema is, Juliana is in a class of her own. Besides, Juliana is looking at a different class of audience altogether.

Given that Juliana has not disappointed at concerts in the past, fans expect something big. A concert that can compensate for the six years she has not held a major concert for her amazingly loyal fans.

Whether or not that will be achieved, only time will tell.

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