HiPipo.com Meets Nyanda; Formerly Of Brick and Lace

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HiPipo.com: Who is Nyanda? [Describe yourself in three words].

Nyanda:   I am Bold…I am Passionate…I am Love.  

HiPipo.com: What’s your full name? 

Nyanda:   Nyanda Thorbourne aka Nyanda 'so you nuh haffi wonder' is my real name given to me by Mom and Dad Paul and Corine Thorbourne. I was just in Sweden, when they told me my name means 'new spirit'. When I was in Nigeria, they told me it means 'I am going. I like the different meanings so far:). 

HiPipo.com: When and where were you born?

Nyanda:    I’m old enough to drink (wink wink). I was born in Kingston, Jamaica to a Jamaican Dad and American mom.

HiPipo.com: Where did you go to school?

Nyanda:    I went to school in Kingston, to the best preparatory and high school in the Island.  St Cecelia prep and Campion college respectively. I did 2years at the University of Miami in Florida, after which I bounced and pursued music full time.

HiPipo.com: Where are you currently located?

Nyanda:    I live in Miami Florida, but I also have a spot in Kingston Jamaica where I also reside. I spend a lot of time on the road though.

HiPipo.com: When did you start singing? [Focus mainly on pre-professional career].

Nyanda:    I started singing with my sisters in church in Jamaica, where we were discovered by a well-known artist manager Sharon Burke. We then started doing background vocals for and touring with Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths and Diana King.

HiPipo.com: When did you embark on a professional music career and what genre of music do you focus on?

Nyanda:    I moved to Atlanta when award winning producer, Dallas Austin, signed us to our first publishing deal. We later signed our 1st Record deal with Akon’s label Konvict which was distributed by Geffen/ Universal.

We used to sing a lot at hotels where we would do all the various covers that were hot at the time but when I sang Diana King’s 'shy guy,' something came alive in me. It was then that I decided to fuse reggae and dancehall with pop and r and b. When we did our first album 'love is wicked' we mixed r and b and reggae. We wrote and co-wrote all the songs.

HiPipo.com: How was your experience under Brick and Lace?

Nyanda:    I am honored to have been a part of the group B and L. We got to travel so many countries especially in Africa that some people will never get a chance to see. The fans are such a blessing and I enjoy performing with my sister. Having my sister with me was great cuz we would have each other to rely on if we needed anything and just to have company is a good thing cuz the road can get lonely sometimes. Nai and I argue like all sisters do, sometimes we disagree creatively but when we see eye to eye in the studio its magic. I love writing with all my sisters we are a team. The Bloodline.

HiPipo.com: Why did you decide to go solo?

Nyanda:    People always introduce me as half of the group brick and lace. I am at the point in my life where I want to know the feeling of being whole. When you are in a group, there’s a lot of ideas that go to waste if someone doesn't share your vision because you always have to compromise. I just need to spread my wings a little. We appreciate the fans and will do another album together in the future. I am excited about the work that I am doing, people are feeling the songs and I can feel my fans NYATRIBE growing with me on this journey. 

HiPipo.com: How many songs/ albums have you done as NYANDA, the solo artist?

Nyanda:    So far, I've been practically living in the studio so there are quite a few songs I have out now. 'Trouble' was my first solo release, a dancehall cover to Tayllor swift trouble. Then came "Slippery when wet", which I just released my first solo music video for. 'Like a pro' a song I'm featured on with artist wiz from Jamaica, 'boom and rave' ft mr. vegas and 'footprints' ft. assassin. My producer, the Kemist from Black Lion music is always saying "we swamped with hits lol:) 

HiPipo.com: What should your fans expect from NYANDA’s solo career?

Nyanda:    I put a lot of effort into my music, so the fans should expect to get some quality vibes from me. I'm always brining my essence into my music so I give a lil piece of me on all these records. I want the fans to really feel a close connection to me and my music so when it comes to show time, we can have an orgasmic experience together.

HiPipo.com: When do you intend to perform in Uganda?

Nyanda:    I'm coming soon my beautifuls.

HiPipo.com: Ugandans men are very aggressive and ambitious; and many of them would like to know your marital status. Are you single or you are already taken?

Nyanda:    I’m dating someone special. Gotta make time for love and make sure kitty's happy. (oops)lol

HiPipo.com: Are there any chances of you ever dating a Ugandan man?

Nyanda:    A good man can come from anywhere. I dated a great guy from Haiti. It doesn't matter, as long as there is chemistry, my dream guy could be from any country. Long distance can be a biatch though but otherwise no problema.

HiPipo.com: Would you relocate to Uganda as your new home?

Nyanda:    I love Uganda and my friend and promoter Alli Bhai lives there. He always says it’s great so I wouldn't rule it out as a possibility. I love Africa!

HiPipo.com: What message do you finally have for you fans in Uganda and E. Africa in general?

Nyanda:    I'm all about positive energy. I think we should go back to the hippie Mary Jane days where everyone is about love and unity. Stay tuned for more songs from your artist Nyanda I love you. Be the best version of yourself.

HiPipo.com: Thank you so much Nyanda. It’s been a pleasure talking to you


Nyanda:    Thank you too HiPipo.com for taking Uganda to the world, and taking the world to Uganda.

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