GNL Goes Poetic and Emotional In Film Ya Maziga We Cry, Alongside Tamar

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Whereas it is true that guys like Babaluku [and the entire Bataka outfit], KlearKut, Rocky Giant and a few other guys breathed life into Ugandan Hip Hop before GNL had become a real force to reckon with; no one can strip him of the credit for popularizing Luga Flow. 

In his single Film Ya Maziga-We Cry, featuring Tamar, GNL proves that he still has his flow intact. It is a clear statement that he is not about to fade off the Luga Flow landscape and that his rhymes are even sweeter than ever before. Film Ya Maziga-We Cry is awesome!

The track of Film Ya Maziga-We Cry, awakens in me the memories of “traditional” Hip-Hop, taking me back to the years of Nas! The Lyrics are very rich in poetry, well oiled with imagery, symbolism, metaphors and sarcasms, all of which better bring out the message. 

This song has a flow that is both emotional and vintage. GNL’s lines smoothly give way to the sweet and awesome vocals of Tamar. Sincerely speaking, I’ve not heard Tamar sing before; yet listening to her voice in this song makes me wonder how on earth I did not know about her!

Tamar perfectly complements GNL by doing the chorus in such a way that enhances the message of this song. Film Ya Maziga-We Cry is powerful in message, will have staying power and is one of those songs that I’ll buy and keep in my music library section that is labeled “Vintage”.

The song talks about cross generational sex and the plight of girls who date senile guys. It puts emphasis on education as well as the plight of the parents of girls that get entrapped in cross generational sex. Such dangers as HIV and AIDS which come with the same habit are also tackled in the song. 

This song is so elaborately touching and descriptive, that by merely listening to it, I can visually imagine the situations he is singing about. In fact, I think I already have an idea for its video. This song is just awesome!

I could write about Film Ya Maziga-We Cry until the cows come home. In all, Film Ya Maziga-We Cry is not an ordinary song. It is well thought about, well executed, rich in message and immensely as touching as it is educative!

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