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Truthfully speaking, I got tired of the popular titling for collaborations with more than 4 singers as done by “All-stars”, abantu Bakoowu, where in the world did people ever learn that every such a song is must be titled ‘All-stars’?, and who said that everybody that features on a collabo is a star?

Gifted song writer , singer and  imminent instrumentalist ‘Peter Nawe’ worked out great inspirational lyrics for a song titled Webale that features Divas like Juliana Kanyomozi , Renah Nalumansi, Walden, Samalie Matovu, Clarissa, Bella, Daisy, Naira Ali, Leila Kayondo, Jemimah Sanyu, Mya Baganda and Liane.

The earlier version of Webale song featured Desire Luzinda who failed to catch-up with video shooting crew and was replaced with Walden in the audio and video. Unlike many of those songs that come titled with words like ‘All-stars’ this video was labelled “Friends of Peter Nawe – Webale”.

Webale is a typical gospel, thanks giving song for the LORD, the song lyrics are nice and mature, the message is called for, as I believe  that everyone should have a reason to thank GOD!

The X-factor about this song has always been the most appealing thing, I am sure you must have listened to its audio sometime back. Putting the likes of Juliana Kanyomozi, Jemimah , Renal and Bella among others on the same track with very talented and highly respected producers like Henry Kiwuuwa and Jose Mayanja on top of a writer behind a number of hit songs was never a wrong choice.

Thanks to the great voices, lyrics and production, Webale song sounds so different from many of those you have listened to. The video was majorly shot outdoors with majority of featuring artists captured. Walden introduces the new version of this song so you will definitely watch her first in the video.

The artists are generally smart, and look so beautiful though the happiness character missed out for majority of them, save for Clarissa, Samalie and Laine, partly though! My belief and understanding of this song, even based on the meaning of its title ‘Webale’ that means ‘thank you’ in English; I expected to watch more expression of happiness rather than attitude for camera. As for Diva Walden, this is a gospel song please!!

The picture quality is nice, the scenes and shots (majorly close-ups) are beautiful. Webale video was done by Ark Menz.

Watch Webale video and let us know what you think about it in the comments section below. Feel free to agree or disagree with me.

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